Youtube Attacks Truthers On Three Fronts: Deletions, Suspensions & Account Castration

(FEDERALJACK)   Youtube is at it again.  This time they have left a path of destruction not only on their own site but on tens of thousands of websites world wide as well.  Youtube channels telling the truth across the board have been targeted and taken out thus leaving blank spaces where the videos used to be on websites all over the world, so much for free speech.  In the past two week period alone they have deleted and suspended over 20 different youtube channels including our busiest one.  All of them having to deal with fighting the info war.  This is more than your typical youtube attack, in fact this is the biggest sweep of truth channels since the purge of 2008 when they took out our first channel along with about 30 others including most of the Ron Paul videos on youtube.  The video below was put together by a truther on youtube by the name of 2010MsBambi as a way of getting the word out, notice all the attacked channels are truthers:

The alternative media scares the shit out of the New World Order and they are doing everything in their power to kill it permanently.  Too bad it won’t work.  There are multiple ways of getting around their roadblocks, for instance ripping the videos and movies to a hard drive or burning them onto DVDs and giving them out.  The genie is out of the bottle and they are desperatly trying to cork it.  Another example of why this isn’t your typical attack is youtube’s newest tactics, which I have named Account Castration, includes going into accounts who have been given the capability to upload full length movies and literally turn the ability off with no warning or reason given.  It is only a matter of clicking a virtual switch for them to block this ability.  A little over two months ago youtube started to allow certain users to have no time limits on uploads, one of our busiest channels included, so I wanted to see what the deal was because with youtube and Google there is never a free lunch.  According to their own message boards youtube was quietly rolling this out for everyone over a period of time as long as you didn’t have copyright strikes against your account.  Even new accounts after a period of time would be given this ability as long as they “played by the rules”.  Now the very same people, who have not had any copyright complaints and played by the so called rules have had the switch turned off making it impossible to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.  No warning or reason given, just taken away at the whim of youtube and their masters.  Again all the effected accounts are truthers.  You can do a youtube search for free movies and other full length copyrighted movies are there so it’s not even about that.

This Screen Capture Shows Copyrighted Material With Millions Of Hits And No Problems

I was given access to some of these youtube accounts who were able to upload full length movies because of my extensive collection of truth movies, and I uploaded many copies of these movies onto youtube.  One of these accounts, Pigmine3, was the first one that was brought to my attention the Account Castration by it’s owner.  I wanted to check it out myself so I logged in and the first thing I noticed is the notification in bright blue above the upload button telling you that videos longer than 15 minutes could be uploaded was gone.  Next I tried to upload a video longer than 15 minutes and it was rejected for being to long.  Then our busiest account was suspended without warning and all of our 2000 videos disappeared from the internet and thousands of websites like Federaljack, Infowars, We Are Change, and many more.  This time I can access the account but all the videos are gone and I can’t upload anything.  I decided to see if the Account Castration was being used on anyone else and in less than five minutes I found a video from a guy who was uploading full length episodes of the Alex Jones Show in high quality on a daily basis for people to watch for free, and he had the same thing happen to him:

No warning and no reason.  And I know Alex Jones for sure didn’t file a complaint against the guy because Alex gives his stuff away for free and tells people to copy it.  This isn’t a coincidence, this is an all out attack on the truth.  Don’t bother to waste your time trying to contact youtube or Google because they will just ignore you.  I emailed them multiple times regarding our latest suspension and I have gotten completely ignored.  If they really wanted to have quality customer support they wouldn’t give you the run around and make it impossible to speak to a human being.  This isn’t about money or profit… It’s about control and “keeping us in line”.

Well in response to these attacks we created TRUE TUBE, where youtube & Google have no reach.  Feel free to sign up and upload videos, there is no time limit.

Youtube Meets It’s Match In The Info War: TRUE TUBE

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