You mean my two-year-old iPad can’t take this year’s software?


(THE GUARDIAN)   What? You buy an iPad in order to be on the cutting edge of technology and then in just two years it’s unable to run the latest software? I’m starting to hate my iPad. There, I’ve said it. And I’m rather sad to have said it, because when I first got it, I loved it. (Though I did find a few things missing even then. Alarm clock, anyone?) I still think it’s a beautiful piece of hardware, and I salute Apple for having created a whole new paradigm of computing (even though Microsoft was talking about tablet computers way before Steve Jobs announced the iPad).

But at just two years old, my iPad is now pretty much obsolete. And that’s a deliberate strategy by Apple, which wants me – and you – to buy another iPad.

There was a time when iOS upgrades made my lovely iPad even better: they bought cut-and-paste, the Game Center and Newsstand to the device. But then as subsequent versions of iOS rolled out, I started to be locked out of features. No Siri. No iPhoto. Officially, it’s because the hardware isn’t up to the fancy new tricks, though in fact you can force iPhoto on to your first-generation iPad.

The final straw, though, came with the announcement that the next version of iOS – iOS6 – won’t be available for my iPad.


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