Without Free Speech, Democracy Is Dead


free-speech(Karl Schwarz)

The end of freedom and free speech in America is at hand. The Pelosi-led Zionist Constitutional predators (traitors) have passed the House version of the ‘Hate’ Crimes Bill with a big smooch right square on the ass of ADL and AIPAC. Ted Kennedy rushed to introduce his version of a Hate Crimes bill in the US Senate as soon as the House vote was counted.
I cannot wait to see his version. It probably has some buried amendment that if an alcoholic whore-hopper drives his mistress off in the ditch and drowns her, he is due a Congressional medal rather than public outrage and arrest.
I am inclined to think that Ted Kennedy lacks the mental acuity at this time, due to suffering from terminal brain cancer, to present a coherent bill on any subject. His version of a hate crimes bill ought to be a hoot…just as his earlier efforts have.
There is also a major lesson to be learned in the flap going on in Canada regarding MP George Galloway being denied access to speak in that nation about the failed policies of Israel with regards to the Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, and just about every Arab nation in the Middle East. Only those Middle East nations that have their people living in squalor while their princes squander oil billions on private jets, mansions, yachts, gambling, expensive cars, champagne and prostitutes escape the labeling by the US or Israel as ‘terrorists’.
They are either scumbags or terrorists for there is little in between.
Seems MP Galloway is going to sue the Canadian Jewish Congress because they labeled him a terrorist to get the Canadian government to bar his entry into the nation to speak. As expected, the gutless butt wipe government in Ottawa decided to roll over for their Zionist masters and denied a British Member of Parliament the right to visit Canada.
Canada thereby proved Free Speech is dead in Canada. Sadly, the US is next.
There are precedent-setting issues in such an action that do not shine well on Canada. Democracy is all about free speech and free thought. Freedom is freedom and there is no such thing as just a little bit of freedom. Just as with pregnancy. Any nation that suppresses Free Speech and Inquiry is not a freedom-loving democracy, it is a fascist state.
The inserted article was short, and note what CJC President Bernie Farber had to say in the third paragraph in response to a man who is respected for his courage to stand up and speak about Israeli policies and atrocities.
Galloway Threatens To Sue CJC CEO
By Paul Lungen – Staff Reporter
Wednesday, 08 April 2009
Bernie Farber
TORONTO – British MP George Galloway has threatened to sue Bernie Farber, CEO of Canadian Jewish Congress, for allegedly calling him a terrorist.
Galloway told a crowd in Ottawa via an Internet connection, “I have instructed my lawyers in Canada to bring an action for defamation against Bernie Farber and CTV for comments he made that they allowed him to make,” the Ottawa Citizen reported. “I am not a terrorist. I am not a threat to Canada’s national security.”
Contacted by The CJN, Farber said “there will be no apology.” He also noted “the irony that this poster boy for free speech had absolutely no compunction in trying to silence anyone who wants to criticize his work.”
The threatened suit was the latest development in a week that saw a Federal Court judge decline to overturn a government decision to bar Galloway from Canada.
Lawyers for the Respect party MP failed to convince Federal Court Judge Luc Martineau to issue an injunction to temporarily set aside a decision by Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) that prohibited Galloway from entering the country. Despite that ruling, Galloway addressed an audience of 300 or more at Toronto’s Metropolitan United Church via video link from New York. He challenged Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to “come out and debate me like a man.”
Kenney had declined to exercise his ministerial discretion to overrule the CBSA decision, which found Galloway had violated Canadian law by providing funds to Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. Galloway was part of a group of activists that delivered humanitarian aid to Gaza following Israel’s recent military operation in the territory. He also presented Hamas with $45,000 in cash.
In a 14-page ruling, Martineau said, “I am not ready to exempt Mr. Galloway from the provisions in the [Immigration and Refugee Protection] Act.
“The admission of a foreign national to this country is a privilege determined by statute, regulation or otherwise and not a matter of right,” he wrote.
Galloway supporters argued the ban was a free speech issue in which the government tried to stifle criticism of its Afghanistan and Middle East policies.
Meanwhile, in Quebec City, the provincial Liberal government unanimously rejected a motion by Québec solidaire MNA Amir Khadir asking the Ottawa to change its mind and allow Galloway to enter Canada. The motion was supported by the opposition Parti Québécois, but the government, which has a slight majority, was able to prevent it from coming to the floor. Galloway spoke at Concordia University in November 2006.
(end story)
Bravo! It is only the Zionist Jews who have the right to silence dissent and free speech, the very essence of freedom. How dare George Galloway come to Canada to speak the truth about the sins of Israel?
Ah, yes, we cannot have the Canucks being up on current news and truth about Israel, can we?
The Canadian Jewish Congress demonstrated on that and other days that they are gutless, spineless worms when it comes to having a free and open discussion about the TRUTH. They are first cousin kin to the ADL and AIPAC in the US.
Maybe it is just me, but Mr. Farber does not appear to be very ‘Semitic.’
Pay attention, America. Your freedoms are being stolen right *now* from under your noses by the Barky Administration ‘Hate Crimes Bill agenda. Hell, Americans are now supposed to pat the pedophiles on the back and tell them ‘job well done’! It would not surprise me if they have a 0 to 10 Scale as to how bad the child abuse was and to what extent these moron legislators think pedophiles should be awarded.
No, we simply cannot have anyone questioning the policies of IsraHell, that shitty little fascist, racist nation that promotes genocide of Arabs, child pornography and worldwide porn in general, pedophilia, flesh trafficking, prostitution, smut, filth, illegal drugs and just about every form of fraud and inhumane behavior ever dreamed up by mankind. Try it and you may end up destitute and/or in jail.
Even when the allegations against a zionist or their ‘homeland’ are absolutely true and factual, the Zionist maniacs demand such truth be suppressed and any questioners be confronted and crushed, if needed. So, in Canada, Germany, Australia – and soon the US – it is a ‘hate crime’ to criticize Zionists regardless of how despicable their conduct, their stolen ‘country’, 60 years of genocide against the Palestinian people, and their racist, vile policies of TRUE hatred and abject arrogance.
One of my Christian Jewish friends commented one day, in explaining why he converted to Christianity. “What is the thinnest book in the world? Jewish Business Ethics! That is why I am now a Christian. Ethics and morality MATTER to most Christians. I reject the Jewish notion that they are God’s ‘Chosen’ and exist on some special high ground that is denied to the rest of humanity.”
The Zionists sure do not want the Sheeple mushrooms in the US (who claim to be Zionist Christians) to know how many Jews are converting to Christianity because they now clearly see that Zionism is not a religion. Zionism is a secular, geopolitical movement of utter domination and control: is evil incarnate…pretending to be a religion and hiding behind honest Jews and Judaism.
A ‘Christian Zionist’ is actually an oxymoron but one has to get off the SSRI drugs to figure that out.
Nor do the Zionists want the American Christians to wake up and clearly identify and recognize the sheer filth that emanates from the mobster elements living and operating within Israel and spreading their scourge all over the world…safe from prosecution in Zionist IsraHell.
Yes, it will be a blessed day when such American Christian mushrooms wake up, wash the shit out of their eyes, and see reality for what it is.
Former Citigroup Chairman Sanford I. Weill held up an SEC and DOJ settlement regarding willful international securities fraud while his attorneys arm-twisted their way into a settlement agreement that would prevent the US government from bringing civil and criminal charges against poor Sandy. No, it would not do to have one of the world’s foremost Zionist Jew thieves and thugs behind bars where he belongs. Smith Barney was fined over $3 billion and the thief behind the fraud was allowed to walk free.
Former AIG chairman and chief executive officer Maurice ‘Hank’ Greenberg, one of the most ardent Arab-hating Jews on the planet, held up addressing the current global financial crisis and his ouster from AIG while his attorneys arm-twisted their way into a settlement agreement that would prevent the US government from bringing civil and criminal charges against Poor Hank. No, it just would not do to have one of the world’s foremost Zionist Jew thieves and thugs behind bars where he belongs. AIG was fined heavily but the thief behind the fraud was allowed to walk free.
Of course, these are the same Citigroup and AIG who received hundreds of billions in ‘bailout’ money and still cannot balance the books. The level of premeditated fraud within just those two companies is simply unconcealable.
When the DOJ brought criminal charges against Michael Milken years ago, his defense was that ‘anti-Semitic forces were out to get him.’ No, it just would not do to have one of the world’s foremost Zionist Jewish thieves and thugs behind bars where he belongs. The DOJ had a strong case to prove what a thief and financial predator Michael Milken was.
The list goes on and on and on, Andy Fastow (Enron), Gary Winnick (Global Crossing), Dennis Kozlowski (Tyco), etc, etc, and etc. One can pick a corporate fraud, dig deep into the dark back rooms and find a Zionist shekel counter engineering the fraud virtually every time. Many of them think it is their God-given Talmudic right to lie and steal.
Now we have Barky dropping the spy charges and investigations against AIPAC. It is no longer Kosher to call a Zionist Jewish spy exactly what he or she is: a spy conducting criminal activities on US soil against the interests of the United States and its vast majority of Christian citizenry.
Then we have the cash of ponzi meister, Bernie Madoff, who is guilty as sin. Of course, that psychotic knee-jerking ADL pit bull, Abe Foxman, called Madoff’s accusers ‘anti-Semites’ for merely pointing out the obvious. It was too ‘painful’ for Abe (and world Zionism) to see the ‘defaming’ of yet another Zionist Jew liar and thief with the simple truth. All Madoff did was to willfully steal billions upon billions from gentile and Jewish suckers.
According to Foxman, it is ‘anti-Semitic’ to call a thief a thief.
If Foxman is right, one must conclude that a Zionist Jew stealing from other Zionist Jews is an art form, not a felony.
People are now ordered, by law, to accept any Zionist Jew statement as the Gospel. If they tell you horseshit is caviar or pate, believe it or suffer the consequences. If one dares to question their ‘6 million dead in the Holocaust’ story line, he or she can be sent to prison for years. One may question the existence of God and Jesus, but one may not question the ‘Holocaust’ or even call for a legitimate, forensic, scientific investigation to, once and for all, find out what REALLY happened to Europes Jews in the camps in WWII. There is no question that many Jews died in the camps, wrongfully, hideously, unforgivably. However, WWII (*both sides financed by Zionist Jewish bankers) claimed the lives of 49-55 million people…so it was not exactly ‘all about the Jews’. Many have merely pointed out that the 6 million figure cannot be added up from the known data…and off to prison they are sent. Never mind that the Auschwitz ‘official’ death toll on the camp memorial plaque has plummeted from ‘4 million’ down to ‘1 million’ ….a loss of 3 million. Last time I looked 6 minus 3 equalled 3. Try saying that in Germany and see what it gets you.
And now the same INSANE zionist terror appears to be in store for Americans.
What’s next? Will the use of a calculator or spreadsheet to study the war become a hate crime? Will historical research and documentation of facts become a hate crime? Where will the madness end?
Zionists do not want people to know they were behind the formation and implementation of communism, and then fascism as an ideological counterbalance when they disagreed with the Stalin version of the Revolution. They psychotically cannot keep their ideologies sorted out they are so wrapped up and buried in their own lies and horse shit. These types want you to keep believing the photo ops and lying lips…they don’t want you to see the blood dripping from their hands.
What is evolving right now is not free market capitalism under their guidance. It is outright fascism all dressed up as a pretend form of democracy and freedom.
Zionists also have no problem lying. Within the Talmudic teachings they claim a God given right to lie to non-Jews. As Bernie Madoff recently proved, they care not about lying to themselves within their own ranks. One does not need cheese to catch these rats, just dollars and shekels.
They like to play their ‘genocide victim card’ regularly but demand that the world not label them blood-thirsty genocidal maniacs for the 40 million or so Russians they murdered, the millions of Ukrainians they premeditatedly starved to death, the 1 to 1.5 million Armenians they slaughtered, or their continued genocide against the Arab peoples, either directly or through their willing, butt wipe dupes, operatives and pawns in the United States.
Barky recently proved to me what a moral coward he is in first asserting that HE was the president who would recognize the Armenian Genocide. No, when push came to shove Barky did as he was told by AIPAC, the ADL and all of their dirt bag traitor collaborators on Capitol Hill.
Get this straight, America. The Obama Administration and Congress rolled over for AIPAC again. The dismissing of the spy charges against AIPAC is an act of treason against you. Yes, YOU.
The Hate Crimes Bill is an affront to the Constitution that made America a great nation, now declining rapidly into the garbage heap of history.
Freedom of speech and freedom of thought are the very essence of liberty, freedom and a free society. It is the fundamental backbone of democracy…where open debate is not only encouraged, it is essential. Give that up and America is dead…and so is the American Dream.
The record is abundantly clear that the Zionists and Israel hold no moral high ground on any subject. Sadly, America has now joined them in the sewer.
Where respect is not earned, do not respect it. The demand for respect in the absence of a reason to warrant respect is tyranny.
Freedom is not the jurisdiction of the Zionists or US Congress to give or take as they see fit. Freedom is a gift from God, as are the rights to liberty, freedom of thought and freedom of speech and inquiry. No nation has the right to take away what was not theirs to give in the first place.
When those who prove constantly that they have no morals, no ethics, no competence, no honor, no honesty, no character tell me how to think, live, speak, I think I will stick with God. I know what side He is on.
Karl Schwarz


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