Why is MSNBC host Joe Scarborough Completely ignoring the murder of Abortion DR. George Tiller?


(RAW STORY)   In the media’s continuing search of second-hand blame for the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller, Bill O’Reilly has been the easiest target. After all, he hounded the man, called him a murderer and stopped right at the line of threatening him with violent vigilantism.

But, what about MSNBC host Joe Scarborough?

From The Village Voice:

So what might his colleagues have learned about defending abortion-doc killers from Morning Joe? Well….

Scarborough’s hometown of Pensacola — where his show once frequently originated — was the site of the first two abortion murders, the second also occurring during his first run for Congress in 1994. A raw 30-year-old, Scarborough’s surprising Republican win was principally funded by anti-abortion groups and he immediately went to Washington and voted against bills to protect abortion clinics, including one version sponsored by a Republican congressmen.

Griffin handwrote the Voice two long letters last year after we contacted him in prison, describing in depth his relationship with Scarborough. While Scarborough tried to minimize his ties in an interview, claiming he was merely doing “a favor for a friend” and briefly searching for a lawyer who’d take the case to trial, Griffin detailed Scarborough’s efforts to stay on the case and work with the trail attorney. The court record itself shows that Scarborough told the judge he was prepared to try the case, and that he represented Griffin for nearly three months. Scarborough claimed that his then father-in-law was a friend of Griffin’s father and that’s why he did it, but neither would get on the phone and confirm that (not that it’s much of an explanation.) Griffin’s father contributed twice to Scarborough’s campaign — $200 apiece.

Back in 1994, The New York Times noted Mr. Scarborough’s dubious connection to the murderer of an abortion doctor.

Many Republicans had considered their strongest candidate to be Lois Benson, a state legislator. But Mr. Scarborough, 31, ran an energetic campaign with extensive support from religious conservatives.

Mr. [Vince] Whibbs tried to portray Mr. Scarborough as too conservative even for this district. Democrats also note that Mr. Scarborough has made several court appearances on behalf of Michael Griffin, who was convicted of the 1993 killing of a Pensacola abortion doctor, David Gunn. Mr. Scarborough explained that the Griffins were family friends, and that he did not represent Mr. Griffin in the trial.

“I’m not a right-wing fanatic,” he said. “If it’s a radical concept to say the Federal Government doesn’t work, than 90 percent of the country is radical.”

Perhaps, with his troubling association to this Gentleman, Mr. Scarborough would have some insight on the latest incident of political terrorism.

But, noted the Voice, he hasn’t held a single segment on Tiller’s killing. Why is that, Joe?


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