Why Is 9-11 Truth Moving Into The Mainstream?

Mark Jungwirth
We Are Change – Oshkosh
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I am going to begin this by saying that some people may be offended by what is said in this article. It is not my intention at all to offend. And I can say with honesty that if you are offended at what I say, it means that you need to get past a mental block and allow yourself to ask ALL the questions, not just the questions that all the other “good little truthers” expect to hear. That being said, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Recently Geraldo Rivera came out (basically) in support of 9-11 Truth. At first glance this may seem like a “WIN” for the Truth Movement. But when you consider all the things that we know to be true, the idea that this isn’t a set-up of some sort is preposterous.

We know that the most prominent members of the media attend Bilderberg meetings, the Bohemian Grove ceremonies, Council on Foreign Relations meetings, and are sworn to secrecy. These meetings take place behind armed guards and locked doors. The policies for such meetings are as rigid as can be imagined. Some of these “reporters” are George Stephanopoulos, William F. Buckley Jr., Will Hutton, Andrew Knight, Harry Shearer, Walter Cronkite, the owner of People Magazine, the manager of Time Warner, Charlie Rose, and Chris Matthews, just to name a few. We know that by the early 1900’s the ruling elite purchased all the major forms of media that would allow them to control what was and was not allowed to be presented to the public. We know that the news broadcasts and radio shows today are so obviously and rigidly controlled that when anyone brings up real issues, the person gets cut off immediately, and is often ridiculed afterward, without having any of their points disproved|. We even know that there are government programs such as Operation Mockingbird and Cointelpro, which are programs that work through major media agencies and broadcasters to spread misinformation and disinformation to manipulate public perception. And we even know by studying the raw footage of all of the Big 5 (American) TV news agencies, that the news media was intricately involved in the deception that was the 9-11 Attacks.

Knowing all these things, it is impossible for me to just accept that when I saw Geraldo Rivera switch stances on the issue of 9-11 Truth, that I was seeing a victory for our movement. Given all I know and have experienced in my own research and activism, I find it highly more probable that there is a reason that 9-11 Truth is getting mainstream attention. When the mainstream media sees a group of activists or a social justice leader as “dangerous” to the status quo, they don’t give the group or individual any media time at all. Even bad publicity is good publicity. When you see activists or journalists demonized and treated like dirt on TV, many people think, “Why did they just treat that guy so terribly?” And then they go look into the information that the person who was being demonized was trying to present, and find it to be logical and accurate. I also find 10 times out of 10 that when someone is seen on TV, it is because they are allowed on. Now, just because someone is allowed on TV does not necessarily mean they are complicit in some sort of conspiracy. It just means that whatever information they will be presenting is not damaging to the powers that be, and/or is information that the powers that be want (at least certain) people to see.

Regardless, the only time someone who is genuinely challenging the status quo is allowed on TV is when they already have standing in the public arena and can’t be ignored. So the powers that be may bring this person on to attempt to assassinate their character. On the other hand, if this person does not have standing in the court of public opinion, the media chooses to ignore this person, and gives them zero airtime, and not even a mention.

Let’s apply that to the 9-11 Truth Movement. 9-11 Truth has how much standing in the eyes of the general public? None. Most people don’t want to discuss 9-11, especially in the sense of conspiracy / government complicity. Most people will avoid that conversation at all costs. I have been a researcher / activist exposing 9-11 for the better part of a decade now. I would know. So I have to be skeptical when I see Bob McIlvaine, a 9-11 victim’s family member, on Geraldo Rivera’s show, being given an interview where he isn’t being demonized, he isn’t being made fun of; he is actually being treated quite politely, and shown respect, even as he expresses that he feels that elements of the U.S. government were responsible for 9-11.

Up until this moment in history such a statement was unheard of in mainstream news, unless, of course, it was followed by charges of believing in shape-shifting aliens, or wearing tin-foil hats. So why the drastic difference in treatment all of a sudden? Has the 9-11 Truth movement finally begun to break through to the general public and garner the respect it deserves? I can tell you from thousands of hours as an activist, both on the street and online, that the answer to that question is an honest but disappointing “No”. Are we making a difference? Absolutely. Are we making nearly enough difference to possibly be mentioned positively on TV without it being a set-up? Absolutely not. There may be many people who are unhappy with me for what I am presenting, but I am only presenting what I know to be accurate by my own experience. If this makes you uncomfortable that means you have found one of your current mental blocks and discovered the newest issue for you to work on coming to terms with. For some people this process happens 10 or 20 times. For others it only needs to happen a few times for the individual to be open enough to truly hear all questions, regardless of what emotional response is evoked.

So there it is. Why is the 9-11 truth movement going mainstream? I have a few ideas, but am unwilling to speculate at this time. What I will say is that between this and a few other hairy details I have come to know to be true of the Truth / Patriot movement, my advice to all those who are true out there is to keep your eyes peeled and your ears and minds open. These people have been in control for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. If there is one thing I know that history continuously proves beyond a shadow of a doubt about the relationship of the people who run the world to those fighting them, it is that when you think you have them, they almost certainly have you.

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