Where Is The Outrage? The Silence Is Deafening

(FEDERALJACK)   The silence is deafening.  Where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the media, and President Obama?  I though you were all crusaders of justice? (sarcasm) Where are you all now that a bunch of white cops killed an unarmed black Vietnam marine veteran for the crime of accidentally setting off his medic alert bracelet? Where is the outrage that the cops are on tape calling the Marine a “nigger” and making fun of his military service? Where is Obama saying this guy could have been his brother? Where is Al Sharpton screaming bloody murder and stirring up the pot? Oh that’s right, this was a bunch of cops doing the killing so it’s different. It’s acceptable because the “boys in blue” did it so it must be justified.  This case actually involves white police using racist terms against a black man, then tasing and shooting him and not one peep out of Obama, Sharpton, or Jackson about racism, or calling for the police to be fired or arrested.  Where are the Fed run Black Panthers?  This serves to prove the point that the race bating over the Trayvon Martin shooting is being done on purpose, selective anger by Sharpton, Obama, Jackson, The MSM, and all the others. All done for political reasons.


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