When City Councils Attack

(FEDERALJACK)   As many of you already know, city councils around the country are going insane with power and violating people’s Constitutional Rights. Take for example the case of Jennifer Jones. She (Jones) was arrested by corrupt Police Chief Jeff Gilbert while speaking legally at a city council meeting exposing the very same Police Chief, who is already under investigation by the State of Arizona for complaints filed by his own officers. His officers signed a pledge refusing to obey unconstitutional orders from him.  And now because of the attention that has been brought upon them the city council has declared martial law and “fired” the mayor. This is completely illegal, you can’t fire an elected official. Another example of this is Gould, Arkansas, a small town of about 850 people, where if the city council has it’s way, those 850 people will be barred from gathering together to discuss city matters without approval from the city government. Or even hitting close to home in my case where I had the former Mayor call the FBI on me for showing up and speaking at council meetings about the dangers of fluoride in the water and the truth about 9/11. As well as drawing worldwide attention to a local journalist because I would publish her articles on the rampant corruption and abuse of power that was taking place during his time in office. These are just a few examples of how these local city councils are getting out of control and it is a microcosm of a larger problem in this country and even worldwide. They serve as an example, of the cancerous corruption of power that is spreading far and wide into the smallest areas of this country. I am glad to see in at least one case the officers stood up and said enough is enough. These people who get into positions of “power” seem to forget that they are citizens of the same town or city, and they are after all just people not gods. We need to to stand up to this type of tyranny no matter where it is, we cannot allow this type of corrupt aberrant behavior to continue to creep into our local cities, towns, and lives. Go to your local council meetings, take video & notes, get involved, bring attention to issues, if need be help replace the corrupt politicians in any legal way you can. That is exactly what Stephanie Kienzle and the other citizens of North Miami Beach did when former Mayor Myron Rosner started abusing his position to the point of it being criminal as well as other illegal things. Now things are at least starting to get done in the light of day. They are even working with me on setting up a video screening and information sharing session with them and local civic groups about the danger of putting fluoride in the water supply. This is exactly what is supposed to happen and how government is supposed to act. It is high time we stood up and took back what is ours, that is the only way we will ever have true “national security”.


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