Were The Rifles Used In the Assassination of JFK Semi-Automatic and Not Bolt Action?

(FEDERALJACK)  Here is a question that keeps nagging at me in reference to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy: Why is it assumed, when looking at the shooting itself, that all the rifles used were bolt action? Why is the idea of a rifle with semi-automatic capabilities not looked at, for any shooting scenario? If we have no bullets, other than the magic bullet provided by the federal government as proof of their story, then how can we be sure there weren’t semi-automatic rifles used?



The technology existed back then. Besides the famous M1 Garand, there was the M-14, which was standard issue in the military at the time, and would have been more than sufficient to do the job. The M-14 was used in a sniper variant by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. The M-14 was selected because of its accuracy, reliability, and the ability for a quick second shot. In 1969, the Rock Island Arsenal converted 1,435 National Match (target grade) M-14s by adding a Leatherwood 3–9× Adjustable Ranging Telescope and providing National Match grade ammunition. It was designated the M-21 in 1975. The M-21 remained the Army’s primary sniper rifle until 1988, when it was replaced by the M-24 Sniper Weapon System; some M21s were later re-issued and used in the Iraq War.  The M-14 and it’s multiple variants are still used in the U.S. military across the board to date, such as the M-21 used by the Army, and the M-25 used by U.S. Special Forces operators as a sniper rifle. That rifle would have easily been able to make the shots fired from the rear at the president as he rode in the limo. That would explain how two shots from the rear came almost on top of each other if there was only one shooter in the rear. As fast as you can squeeze the trigger it will fire (side note: the M-14 also had fully automatic capabilities).






One shooter in the rear doesn’t mean a lone gunman either, it just means the other two shooters would have been in different locations to create the perfect mixture of triangulation of fire, technology, and skill cultivating in the formulation of the perfect kill zone in Dealey Plaza. I went into detail about the possible positions of the shooters, and where I think they were positioned the last time I had forensic investigator Sherry Fiester on my radio broadcast. My theory goes something like this. There was one master over watch position in the TSBD, one shooter team in the Dal Tex building, one shooter team at the grassy knoll area, and one shooter team on the triple underpass. The perfect kill zone, every inch covered.


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