Wealthy Defense Contractor Kills His Whole Family and Himself Over Possibility of Obama Getting Re-elected?


(DAILY MAIL)   Albert Peterson shot dead his wife and two sons hours after going to church because he dreaded the thought of Obama winning the election, a family friend has revealed.

A confidante of the family for the past 25 years has spoken to MailOnline about the strength and grace of the Peterson family, as well as the torment that plagued Albert which drove him to shoot dead his wife Kathleen and his two sons Christopher and Mathew at their suburban home in DC on Sunday.

A history of mental illness, the loss of a dear uncle, and a growing fear of Obama winning a second term in the White House took its toll on the mind of Mr Peterson, a wealthy defense contractor, the friend said.

‘He just did not want his kids inheriting this mess,’ Maggie L, who did not wish to reveal her last name, told MailOnline. ‘Sometimes we thought he might take his own life when he was so depressed. We never thought he would take Kathie’s.’

3 Responses to Wealthy Defense Contractor Kills His Whole Family and Himself Over Possibility of Obama Getting Re-elected?

  • They can take your body but your energy is freed from this plane we all live on

  • These kids went to Westfield High the same school the same school that CHO Virginia tech shooter attended and the Mass police station (Centerville, virginia 2006) Michael W. Kennedy.

  • FIRST OFF,if he was wealthy and had more then a few bucks in the bank he could have moved to a country that would have welcomed him and his family with open arms,and his children would have lived on the beach in style,NOW LET US JOIN REALLITY HERE,what was he really involved in that made him a target for OBAMA’S KILLER GOONS…..DID he threaten to go public with something that would have shown americans they were in serious danger of some sort,LIKE NIBIRU,OR An INVASION BY FOREIGN TROOPS OR SOMETHING AS BAD?????ITS a sad day in america when the government KILLS WOMEN AND CHILDREN,TO KEEP DAD QUITE………I can’t imagin what the real story is here but obama was worried enough to where they decided to kill the whole family and pay off the neighbors to lie about it…………

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