Water Purification Device Prompts TSA to Close Down Minneapolis Airport

(INFOWARS)   In another stupendous incident of comical over-reaction, the TSA ordered the evacuation of two airport terminals in Minneapolis after a water purification device was found in a woman’s luggage.

From the AP:

The device was found by Transportation Security Administration officials about 4:30 p.m. Sunday in a piece of checked baggage in Terminal 2, also known as the Humphrey terminal. The Bloomington Police Department bomb squad was called, and the airport terminal was evacuated for about two hours while authorities investigated.

That’s right, they called out the bomb squad, probably because the TSA agents who discovered the water purification device have never seen one before.

The woman in question said she needed the device for medical purposes.

After the TSA discovered the luggage, the woman was pulled off the flight and interrogated. The flight to Anchorage, Alaska was delayed while the TSA puzzled over the device, wondering if it was something sent to America by al-Qaeda, who hates us for our freedom (to be crotch-groped and sent through dangerous radiation naked body porno scanners).

No criminal charges were filed.


3 Responses to Water Purification Device Prompts TSA to Close Down Minneapolis Airport

  • "Oh THANK YOU TSA from saving us from yet another terrorist! That lady and her water purification device might have taken down the airplane!" what would we do without the TSA!!! I feel so safe now…NOT!!!

  • the minneoplis police department couldn’t catch their ass with both hands if their life depended on it,there nothing but a bunch of mentaly retarded NAZIS and way,way to stupid to know it.SO with all that said,TSA boy is that a mouth full,I can’t figure out where they get these morons at,I sure there not from planet earth,I don’t really think anyone on this planet is that stupid do you?? NOW I know americans are the stupidest bunch on the planet ,BUT these things called TSA agents are far over the top of any plain stupid american,( all though I do think the minneoplis police dept is all TSA rejects)I heard they went throu the toilets on another planet and took samples of alien shit and then cloned it into TSA agents for use in america!!!NOW if thats the case,for gods sake,don’t let these things touch you or your family,only the lord knows what kind of alien deseases they might have??????

  • The low-grade genetic dead-ends who are employed as TSA(Thugs Searching Americans or Touching Someone Always)goons better not wear their faggoty blue costumes coming to and from the airport because they will probably get their miserable asses pounded into the ground by justly enraged citizens.

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