Warning: Shopping Mall Rent-a-Cops are now harassing photographers taking photos of Christmas decorations all over America

Author: Silence DoGood

Only in North Korea can taking photos of Malls, Government buildings, or of anything lead to arrests, harassment by law enforcement or rent-a-cops, and even be told that photography is against policy or against the law when there is no law nor any policy prohibiting photos nor was there any complaints by the property owner. This information has been brought out by a undercover truth movement operative, used to be alternative media founder and reporter until the cops came after him for his website exposing too much so he became a undercover operative for the truth movement, that mainly just wanted to take non political photos of the Christmas decorations at a mall. The information has been confirmed to be valid with not just the source which wishes to remain anonymous, it looks like others are complaining about getting the same treatment just for taking a few amateur photos of Christmas decorations at a mall.

Not only has two malls had creepy Nazi, or even fat weird eye looking officers treating their guests like criminals for simply taking a innocent photograph of Christmas decorations which is free advertisement to the mall and business owners, why wouldn’t they want photos taken of their shops full of Christmas decorations as they don’t have to pay any commission to get more interested customers, but there is also stories posted online by other people experiencing the same dilemma that see no signs or rules saying Photography is not allowed without permission, yet the security guards in many malls now are taking the opportunity to act tough against shoppers and act like it is illegal to take photographs or that it represents a plan to possibly commit an act of terrorism even though photography in a majority of cases has never been used to commit any violent act as all the terrorist would have to do is go to the city hall and request the floor plans and construction records of any particular mall, not take stupid little photographs of Christmas trees.

A blogger also experiencing the new form of tyranny of mall officials now blocking any right of photography and any news reporting except for mainstream corporate photographers and media all thanks to the Department of Homeland Security telling mall owners that photography could be used to plan an attack against any private and governmental infrastructure.

If it was true (according to a security personnel in one of the malls in Mandaluyong City) that the mall has a policy that disallows any mall goer (or any person really) from taking pictures (of any of its properties including the Christmas decoration), then the mall should inform the publicThey should put up posters and signs like this one above on the entrances and exits of the mall.  They should also put up this sign beside their Christmas Tree.   I would certainly follow and respect their policy, and most likely change my mind about the mall… forever!

Even though people will argue private property owners can do whatever they want, this article is exposing that multiple malls all across the country are prohibiting photography when before they never had a problem with it. The fact that every mall has no rule written on signs nor any viewable policy list stating that photography is prohibited means that this is a new tactic by Obama’s secret police to get the public being used to believing that photography is illegal or against the rules whether it be a government property or private property. All of this is being done under the guise of national security.

Photo taking of Christmas decorations has always been an American past time even pay a little money to pose with Santa Claus. I have never heard or seen a time when taking a few photos of Christmas decorations inside big malls can lead to creepy fat or even Nazi look-a-like security guards just show up and tell you that it is there policy to not be allowed to take photos without permission when the rule boards say no such thing or when they just tell you no photo taking is allowed when there is no rules therefore the security guards shouldn’t harass you unless you break one of their rules or even get a complain from the mall property owner which is rarely the case or if it is ever even the case as they are too busy to be coming after hobby photographers.

This photo is now a supposed criminal act in Oak Hollow Mall in North Carolina:

All it took was a few photos and less then five minutes for security guards to start harassing the family interested in taking hobby photos of the Christmas decorations for the family photo album, nothing to plot terror, nothing perverted, nothing to encourage illegal activity, just taking a photo of Christmas decorations at a mall which never made any big deal out of it ever before until after 9/11 and Homeland Security.

This is the story of what happened from that person while it is still fresh in that persons mind to get on public record.

He walked in the Oak Hollow NC mall with three others, a veteran grandfather wearing a veteran cap, a grandmother wanting to see the Christmas decorations and take photos of it not to mention explore the mall and maybe buy something which gives the mall more business, a guy that looks young but is in his 20’s, and his mother that also wanted to see the beautiful Christmas lights.

After he had taken around 3-4 est. amount of photos of the Santa fortress as you see in the photo above, he walked to the back as his family was going to use the restroom then the 20yo was all alone ready to be preyed upon by authorities. He was walking towards the stairs right next to the elevator to get a photo of the fortress from a different angle and that was when a Mall Security cop just showed up out of the blue walking to the left of him. Then he just minded his own business and just walked forward and not giving any attention to the officer, then as he gets close to the stairs the officer says hello while he stairs at him looking for anything he may have of interest (What was he a shoplifter?? NO!!! He only been in the store for less then 5 minutes so that can’t be it) then started coming back at him and started asking in a weird kind of way “What are you doing?” and stared at his camera, He been spotted!!!!!! AHHHHAHHAHHHH! With his digital camera!!!!! then he explained that he had only taken photos of the Christmas decorations and that was when things started getting ugly. That’s when the officer started saying he was not permitted to do that, even though there was no sign and no official policies prohibiting photography within the mall property(even their own website has no rules against photography.) He asked if he can only get photos of the Christmas decorations and no stores therefore proves the person wasn’t planning anything malicious, then the officer replied with the fact that he would have to drive over 2 hours all the way back to the mall in the daytime and have to ask the mall manager permission just to take a photo of a Christmas fortress or castle decoration. That’s when he knew he couldn’t argue with the officer knowing very well the cops can be called on him for causing trouble so he opened up his camera bag and dropped his camera in there and said to the officer “Okay! I put up my camera! alright!!!” then asked him if he had read the Homeland Security manual where it claims that photography is terrorism and he refused to answer at all even though he wasn’t being recorded by a camcorder or even a tape recorder which the guy could have done if he wanted to since North Carolina wiretap law allows a private conversation to be recorded as long as at least one party consents not to mention the mall has security cameras so recording is already permitted by mall security. Then the officer leaves and he complains to his grandfather that just went outside the restroom to sit on a bench. e told him what the security officer did and said “This is ridiculous!” and “What has happened to mall security these days! They are getting worse these days!” and apparently they overheard him so they started ganging up as two now and stood on the second story of the mall watching him and his grandfather. Then as his mother and grandmother walked out of the restroom he told them what the security guard did to him as well as complain about what happened and as they were doing that security guards were monitoring him as if he may cause trouble so they all decided to leave and felt a funny feeling that usually comes when somebodies life and safety is in danger. So the whole family decided to leave and he decided to yell before being out the door successfully “I AM GETTING OUT OF THE MALL!,” “I DON’T FEEL WELCOME HERE!,” and that “I’LL NEVER COME TO YOUR MALL AGAIN.” then as he walked out to the parking lot he yelled in a very loud voice “PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOW A CRIME IN AMERICA!”  while few people were out then as his family then was out the front doors, the security guard was following them as they walked out and quickly got back to the car then the security guard started walking back and fourth watching them as if he was trying to get their license plate number to call the police and possibly used that to raid their house then the family left. As the security guard was trying to get the license plate number, when no law was broken at all they can kick them off their property but cannot arrest them for disagreeing with the mall security officers own decree that photography is illegal when the mall has no rules against it, he started taking his digital camera out and this time to shoot video and the security guard started walking away as trying to not get filmed by the cursive camera but he may have got himself on camera acting like a homeland security type thug. The video may or may not be posted on YouTube but in the event that it does, another FederalJack post will be made with the YouTube embed and link for those to copy and share on social networking websites. Even if it is private property which anybody will argue that they can do what they want, never at any mall has a security guard makes up rules as the mall has no rules against a certain action, also there is no law in that area against photography, no rules against it, yet the officer will claim it is a rule or law when there isn’t. If that had been a police officer that had tried that, somebody could sue the officer for violation of civil liberties but as it was just a mall cop the only thing that family could do was get their story out to FederalJack and the alternative media network. The funny thing was that officer did not act normal but instead gave a weird look in his eyes during the whole incident at the beginning as if the so-called photographer had done something to harm the mall and people or something illegal. He had the look of “Oh Your Suspicious!” or that usual look that crooked cops like to use. That whole satisfied look when dominating somebody and making them feel threatened or scared.

That same family visited another mall that same day to get photos of their Christmas decorations. That one was the four seasons town center mall around Greensboro, NC. So somebody whom only takes interesting photos which is not a suspicious type, starts point a camera at one store’s fluor delay(misspelling) a flower symbol that is used in ancient times, the officer said “No Photography! Of the stores!” then he showed her the lcd display and explained to her that he only took a photo of that flower symbol and nothing else. Then she said he cannot do that and had to put his camera up before the officer would leave him be. He only didn’t get in trouble for the Christmas decorations photo because there weren’t any officers walking around that area by the time he was there with his family taking photos.

So what is the coincidence that two malls and more around the same time around the same year near Christmas, is mall security officers across the country are targeting people over the crime of taking photographs which isn’t a crime but the security guards or rent-a-cops think they are GOD and can bark whatever orders they see fit like your own a military base with classified government secrets.

Why would security guards at malls treat photographers like garbage or like criminals because the FBI earlier this year released their “Communities Against Terrorism” Suspicious Activity Reporting Flyers. The army of propaganda fliers does include shopping malls. Even under the DHS-FBI Suspicious Activity Reporting Bulletin: Photography, it indicates that photography inside of shopping malls are a suspicious activity. It claims that “(U//FOUO) An individual took photos and video in a mall while holding the phone close to his body at waist level. The photographs and video footage included the mall storefronts, upper mall structures, bridges, exit doors, and closed-circuit television cameras.” Even in September 2012, Homeland Security partners with Simon owned shopping malls according to the Examiner.com news site. There is likely hundreds of other examples as to put together a jigsaw puzzle as to why people all over America are getting in trouble for simply taking one or more photos of Christmas decorations and even ancient flower symbols or any other symbols at store signs that triggered interest in the photographer.


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