WAEA Captain Hanley seeks political asylum in Pakistan on humanitarian grounds

The Honorable Rehman MalikMinister of the InteriorRoom # 438, 4TH Floor R-BlockPak SecretariatIslamabad, Pakistan
Dear Interior Minister Malik,
I am writing to your good office today in petition for your consideration of granting me political asylum in the great nation of Pakistan for the reasons stated below.  I am a U.S. citizen who has been living in Islamabad since November 2009 entering the country on a multiple-entry visa that contains a provision of a maximum stay per visit of one year.  I was married in a private civil religious service in Islamabad last year to Pakistan citizen Huma Hashmi-Hanley who previously served as an anchorwoman/compere for PTV and DAWN News for many years and we have two children by her previous marriage under our roof.
Recently, we commenced the launch of an NGO for the ‘forgotten ones’ in the flooded regions of Pakistan, but have not yet collected monies pending approval of our forthcoming application.  Huma and I have agreed to not to accept one single rupee for ourselves as a contribution to those  who are less fortunate might receive food, shelter, and clothing.  For these and other reasons, I petition you to assist us so that we may remain living together as a family for the betterment of Pakistan citizens.
A few weeks ago, I had drafted a letter to your office applying for dual U.S./Pakistan citizenship, but as the political situation has intensified, I perhaps feel this to be an exercise in futility at the present time.  It is hopeful by me and my family that you waive the provision on my multiple-entry visa that requires that I depart Pakistan once per year, as I fear that my departure through immigration may preclude my return to my family should the political situation worsen sometime in the future, never mind the added travel expenses incurred in exiting and hopefully returning to Pakistan.
As a former distinguished U.S. Naval Aviator and United Airline captain, I am a whistleblower on numerous counts who feels threatened to return to my homeland, the United States of America for the reasons stated below:
The Atlanta, Georgia office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently investigating my Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) disclosures of alleged bankruptcy fraud involving the United Airlines post-9/11 bankruptcy that concerns the alleged theft of billions of dollars and high threat criminal elements in the states and abroad.
Additionally, I am a Federal Aviation Administration/Department of Homeland Security whistleblower whose rights have been denied in processing my FAA Whistle Blower Protection Report concerning my wrongful termination as a United B-777 captain in the post-9/11 era.
I also serve as the Transportation Medical Whistleblower for a global grassroots network of medical professionals known as ‘Medical Whistleblower’.
recent article in the Washington Examiner authored by journalist Barbara Hollingsworth explained how other airline pilots in similar situations have been fighting back in our courts to help expose these abhorrent methods of silencing airline pilot whistleblowers, but a DC federal judge recently dismissed the case of retired Northwest Airlines whistleblower Captain Field McConnell in his  suit against the Air Line Pilots Association for his suppression in attempting to report on illegal aircraft modifications in 2006.
The U.S. Department of Justice, after several years has refused to join the SEC in this federal investigation involving alleged infractions of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act) and will not provide witness protection to myself or criminal informants, nor will my home state of Georgia congressional representativesintercede on my behalf to legally and politically protect me. I have done nothing wrong, but everything in accordance with U.S. federal laws and regulations in reporting a major crime to competent authority and I have placed myself and my family at grave risk for doing so.
Last July, a member of the Atlanta FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force contacted me in Islamabad informing of their knowledge that I was living in Islamabad, married to Huma Hashmi, and allegedly ‘making statements against the U.S. government’.
One month ago, three agents of the Atlanta FBI paid a visit to the home of my sister who lives in Georgia looking for me, as they stated that I may be in danger and were concerned for my welfare.  I have done nothing whatsoever in violation of federal laws and have a clean legal record.
Being of strong Irish heritage and given the political uncertainty at present in Pakistan and the region, while being concerned of sustaining my Pakistan visa,  several months ago I applied to the Irish Office of Justice, Law and Reform seeking a waiver to their provisions for dual Irish/U.S. citizenship, but they merely advised me that they were processing my application.  During this same time frame, I petitioning Amnesty International to aid me in some way, but their office never responded to my request.
I have submitted an affidavit to the International Criminal Court in The Hague and, again, their office thanked me for my input, but have not acted in any way to assist me in this matter.  All of these matters are of grave global political importance, particularly to the good citizens of Pakistan who have paid a dear price in monies and blood fighting the ‘war on terror’ that commenced in 2001.
I have recently declared myself a ‘world citizen’ in search of a legal domicile outside the conterminous United States, but will never renounce my U.S. citizenship, which is my birthright.  I served with distinction and honor as a U.S. Naval officer/aviator and my whistleblower efforts have been strongly endorsed by both the Government Accountability Project and the National Whistleblower Center in Washington DC.
Senator John McCain recently introduced a bill in the U.S. Senate entitled, the “Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010”, that potentially places every American citizen whistleblower at risk for exercising their first amendment freedom of speech rights with possible imprisonment for doing so until all hostilities cease.  Although not yet passed, this bill poses threatening overtures of my possible incarceration without legal representation under the auspices of the USA Patriot Act, given my past whistleblower disclosures.
Because my government has failed in its responsibilities to me as a federal whistleblower, in accordance with the U.S. Federal Tort Claims Act (June 25, 1948, ch. 646, Title IV, 62 Stat. 282, “28 U.S.C. Pt.VI Ch.171” and 28 U.S.C. § 1341346(b) ), I have filed copies of Standard Form 95 Claim for Damage, Injury or Death giving notice to various offices of my intent to file a damage claim against the United States government within the next few months for the amount of $20-million, which poses additional risks to me as  a federal whistleblower.
In the past ten years, a full 98% of all U.S. federal whistleblowers have failed in their attempts to expose criminal activity involving fraud, waste and abuse of U.S. tax payer dollars.  Of those numbers, there is a ten-to-one ratio of disenfranchised aviation whistleblowers to all others.
They say that love knows no boundaries and I married Huma Hashmi because we truly love one another.  Her late father, a Pakistan International Airlines B-747 captain, was ‘medically retired’ many years ago for alleged political differences of opinion.
We share an equal concern about this issue, as well as our prayer that the planet will soon realize world peace in a land wrought with continued economic distress and suffering from flooding and continued drone attacks and other violence in the region.  Although we haven’t received approval of NGO status, we are still working with others in the region attempting to provide relief for the still homeless tens-of-thousands of victims in the flooded areas of Pakistan.
Having endured many personal hardships myself the past several years, albeit small in comparison to the good citizens of Pakistan, my loving wife Huma and I pray that the government of Pakistan will give full consideration to our pending plea to remain together as a family of four in Islamabad as we attempt to grow our business service in support of our two children in Islamabad, my college-age student daughter in Atlanta, Georgia, and the launch of our NGO for the less-privileged ‘forgotten ones’ who are still attempting to survive the elements starving in tent cities in the rural areas of Pakistan.
It is herein that I respectfully request that the government of Pakistan waive the restriction of a maximum stay of one year on my travel visa and grant me political asylum until these legal and political matters are resolved.  If agreed, please advise me via this email address of the specific administrative requirements for processing this request. Although tangentially related, I am seeking political asylum for humanitarian reasons as stated above.
I dearly love my own country and its citizens and embrace the U.S. Constitution for those moral values that it perhaps once represented, but feel have been breached in my case.  I also dearly love Pakistan and its people and weep for all the death, injuries and destruction that has been wrought on its citizens and economy over the past decade from participation in the ‘war on terror’.
At present, I feel like a man without a country, an orphan refugee seeking refuge in foreign lands until my legal case has been adequately addressed and my physical protection is guaranteed.  Please give me a home in Pakistan; I intend to apply for dual U.S./Pakistan citizenship and reside in Islamabad once peace and prosperity is restored to your people and their country.  I also very much desire to return one day to my homeland, the United States of America, so that I may be once again reunited with my family members there once peace and prosperity is restored globally.
As a testament to my whistleblower efforts, I offer you the following endorsements received from two of the largest whistleblower organizations in the world located in Washington, DC:

David Colapinto – General Counsel, National Whistleblower Center
“Dan Hanley is an effective champion for advancing the rights of whistleblowers. Dan’s tireless work on behalf of airline employees, and his effective voice as a national spokesman on behalf of the Whistleblowing Airlines Employees Association, is vital to protect the rights of all employees to expose illegal conduct by their employers. Dan has been on the front lines in the battle to hold our nation’s airlines accountable for lapses in airline safety, threats to national security and violations of law.
Additionally, Dan is helping to ignite a growing grass-roots movement of citizens, whistleblowers and activists to support the enactment of strong whistleblower protections for both government and private industry employees. We whole-heartedly support and appreciate Dan’s efforts and look forward to working with him to accomplish long-overdue goals of effective government reforms and stronger whistleblower laws.”

Tom Devine – Legal Director, Government Accountability Project
“Dan Hanley’s leadership of the Whistleblowing Airlines Employees Association personifies why whistleblowers make a difference keeping bureaucracies and politicians honest, and warning the public when they’re not. His commitment to public service is cheerfully relentless and unqualified. As long as he is breathing, he is fighting bureaucratic abuses of power that betray the public trust,” stated Tom Devine, GAP legal director.
I was also honored several months ago with a ‘Restore Integrity’ award by a U.S. grassroots effort, POPULAR, Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America Restored:


Captain Dan Hanley of the “Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association” for his relentless advocacy to ultimately keep the skies safe for millions of air travelers, culminating with a recent commitment by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to consider alleged improprieties attendant to the United Airlines Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Thank you for your consideration.  I will wait patiently for a reply while keeping in mind that for my family and me time is of the essence.
Very respectfully,
Captain Dan HanleyInternational Public SpokespersonWhistleblowing Airline Employees Association International
Encl: Restore Integrity Award Certificate Cc:  Capt. (R) Raashid Bashir Mazari – Joint Secretary, Interior Ministry Mr. Sawar Khan – Deputy Secretary, Imigration, Passport & Nationality Mr. Muhammad Khurshid Khan – Senior Officer, Passports/Policy Mr. Fazal Hussain – Deputy Secretary Poll., International Mr. Abdur Rehman  – Section Officer Poll. Mr. Salil Shetty – Secretary General, Amnesty International Mr. Colm O’Cuanachain – Senior Director, Amnesty International The Honorable Luis Moreno-Ocampo – Prosecutor, Intl Criminal Court The Honorable Hillary Clinton – U.S. Secretary of State The Honorable Eric Holder – U.S. Attorney General The Honorable Richard Skinner – Inspector General, Homeland Security The Honorable Glenn Fine – Inspector General, Justice The Honorable Calvin Scovel – Inspector General, Transportation The Honorable H. David Kotz – Inspector General, SEC The Honorable Eric Thorsen – Inspector General, Treasury The Honorable Ray LaHood – Secretary, Transportation The Honorable Randy Babbitt – Administrator, FAA The Honorable Mary Shapiro – Commissioner, SEC Senator Joe Lieberman – Chairman, Homeland Security Committee Senator John McCain – Senate Homeland Security Committee Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) Brian Lamkin – Special Agent-in-Charge, Atlanta FBI Matthew McNamara – Assistant Director, Atlanta SEC Mrs. Huma Hashmi-Hanley Tom Devine – Legal Director, Government Accountability Project Zena Crenshaw – Executive Director, POPULAR Captain Field McConnell – Abel Danger Barbara Hollingsworth – Reporter, Washington Examiner Adil Hashimy – Pakistan TV Gordon Duff – Editor, Veterans Today Raja Mustaba – Editor, Opinion Maker


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