Vatican Approved Satanic Catholic & Jesuit Churches

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  • ey boneheads, These places are known as osuaries. Go look it up. This is idiotic. Because of the limitation of space in cities the bodies were allowed to decompose and then the bones were venerated. By Catholic teaching the human body is blessed because it is the physical vessel that carried a mind and a soul and was the way that the mind and soul loves. You need to get your facts straight before you start posting crap like this.

  • You need to research the true nature of the catholic church and the Jesuits before you repeat what the church says.

  • this is really true, catholic people do crazy stuff. they act all religious and stuff but they are NOTT! im glad this came out to the real world. this should be shown on media so people would understand what these people are reallly are from the insidee yo!

  • I saw the documentary on these same churches. The reason they did this happened over time of many years when in some of the catacombs the dead they had burried further above ground fell through into the caves below.
    Many of the skeletons were those of monks that didn’t want to leave the church even though they knew they were goiing to die, they were very dedicated to God and wanted to stay.
    Each church had a similar story for the bones being there. It is not about “Satanism” but rather dedication to God. The Documentary explained it better than I could. But that is the “jist” of it. Yeah, it is creepy and I don’t thinkI would want to tour it there.
    But, Gosh, Can you imagine what that place will be like during the rapture?

    This explains it better.

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