Valerie Plame Confronted Over New 9/11 Investigation – “Government Couldnt Do It”

Valerie Plame, a supposed whistleblower and activist who was outed by Dick Cheney minion Scooter Libby seems to contradict herself when asked multiple times whether she supports a new 9/11 investigation.

At one point she actually says she CAN’T support a new investigation.

What does this mean? Is she being pressured? Why was Valerie at a meeting with such high level officials right after 9/11? Valerie actually says that she had breakfast with Larry Silverstein and he told her what happened and based on that she believes the official story!!

Valerie also talks about her work on a film by the same producers that produced Al Gores famous bullshit An Inconvenient Truth. Clearly Valerie is either highly misinformed or simply another CIA lackey working to institute a world government.

The mainstream media even reported on the so called 9/11 truthers:

Several 9-11 truthers — who believe the fall of the World Trade Towers was a conspiracy — questioned Wilson about whether she supported a new investigation into the event. She dismissed the idea that such a conspiracy could be kept under wraps.

“Having worked for the government, I know it’s really, really hard to keep a secret,” she said.…

Bob Tuskin

Harold Saive

The Intel Hub

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