U.S. warships moored off the coast of Egypt

EDITORS NOTE: The original article was a rough translation of the post originating on an Arabic website.  The translation has been edited for spelling and accuracy.

(FEDERALJACK)   U.S. officials announced that the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) began moving warships to ensure that they are ready in case the need arises for an evacuation of American nationals from Egypt. The Los Angeles Times quoted officials as saying the ship, USS Kearsarge, an amphibious assault ship, carrying 77 Officers 1,100 Sailors, & 2,000 Marines arrived in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt in the event of an evacuation.

Pentagon officials stressed that the possibility of military intervention in Egypt is ruled out completely, stating that the Navy is moving the equipment only for emergency purposes in case the need arises to conduct an evacuation of Americans there.

The officials said that in addition to the Marines on-board the USS Kearsarge, about forty helicopter and Harrier jet aircraft can be used in evacuations and other “humanitarian” operations.

The United States is already in the eastern Mediterranean with the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, which the Pentagon announced was heading to the Suez Canal, but It seems that the crisis in Egypt made the decision keeping them where they are, at least temporarily.

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