Louisiana Couple Sued by Homeowners’ Association Over Banner Honoring Son’s Military Service

(FOXNEWS)   A Louisiana couple says they’re being sued by their homeowners’ association for refusing to take down a sign honoring their son’s military service.

Timothy and Jodi Burr, of Bossier City, La., hung a banner on their front lawn in January after their son, 20-year-old Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Corey Burr, deployed to Afghanistan for 14 months. The 3-by-6-foot sign shows a picture of their son in uniform with the words: “Our son defends our freedom!”

Since then, the Burrs say they have received several letters from the Gardens of Southgate Association, Inc., requesting them to remove the banner because it violates subdivision covenants that prohibit homeowners from erecting signs in public view. The couple said they were served with a lawsuit a couple of weeks ago after they refused to take down the sign.

“Our covenant states no sign on any lawn in view of the public,” Jodi Burr said in an interview Monday with FoxNews.com.

But Burr called the association’s lawsuit “selective enforcement,” claiming that there are “numerous signs throughout the neighborhood” that have never been challenged by the association.

“It shocks me greatly,” Burr said, noting that lawns in the small military community — situated right near the Barksdale Air Force Base — have signs supporting everything from sports teams to local schools.

The covenants of the subdivision state that only real estate or builder signs are allowed in public view, but “there are even religious signs” seen in the neighborhood, she said.

Burr said she and her husband contacted the association several times, asking to meet with representatives to discuss possible revisions to the covenants. Burr also told FoxNews.com that she was willing to change the size of the banner, but never received a response.

In a statement sent to FoxNews.com, Geoffrey D. Westmoreland, who represents the homeowners’ association, said it supported and agreed with the sign’s “message.”

“The message and the sign located in the Burrs front yard has nothing to do with the current legal dispute involving that sign,” the statement said.

Burr also said she believes the association’s issue with the banner may be its size — not its content.

“I’m speculating, though it’s never been said to me, that it’s the size,” she said.

Burr said her family has no intention of removing the banner.


14 Responses to Louisiana Couple Sued by Homeowners’ Association Over Banner Honoring Son’s Military Service

  • Looks like their son went off to fight the worng ‘enemy’.

  • Few people understand that HOA were an concept of the builders. They wanted to leave projects but keep control of an area so they could show others who are interested in buying the new buildings. They never were and never intended to help the homeowner. They are and always have been perverted to benefit a few who have taken control of the hoa. I live in one community were there is a woman who likes to have a lot of boyfriends. Every new boyfriends comes with a new project which always gets pushed by this woman who has control of the hoa. The only hope is to get ride of them and I think they are working to do so in many areas. I have not read anything which shows that a community with an HOA has a better resell record over a community that has none. I understand the entire market is down but I would expect that an hoa community would benefit me when i sell the house but that does not appear to be true. If anyone gets the chance to vote to dump their hoa I would recommend to vote quicklly

  • Where is the honor of illegally occupying countries while killing innocent civilians all for corporate interests? They should honor their son … but not for his military service IMO

  • The point is he’s not fighting for anyone’s freedom; he’s fighting for the war machine and oligarchy’s profits. I stand with HOA in its “truth in advertising”

  • This homeowner association is a left wing politically correct disgrace to our military and their families.
    please boycott them and the home owners can file complaints to remove every one of the idiots on the association get responsible caring home owners in there.
    it is time to replace the progressives everywhere
    like the idiot who posted in this space against the military they all deserve to be treated the same way. the democrats and liberals all deserve whats coming in november 2012. go red state voters and thank you for your sons service .
    semper fi

  • They knew the rules when they moved into a hellhole with a HOA. Besides, their stupid son isn’t defending anyone’s freedom, just the opposite.

  • If they think their Son is fighting for freedom, they are brainwashed fools!

  • At least in Texas, HOA rules that violate US Constitutional rights have been held invalid. Specifically, a political sign in the subdivision of Meyerland in Houston was targeted by the HOA, and a court upheld damages to the residents. There are many cases where HOA rules that a seller can only sell to a buyer ‘of the same race’ have been invalidated. In my own particular case, the HOA president lived across the street and tried to complain that my property was ‘unattractive’, despite how vague and subjective that can be. I sued her and she fled to an adjoining county.

  • hmmm…it seems the more that go to fight for our “freedom” the less free we are…..stop the corporate genocide bring our troops home now

  • HAO ALLjew/mason crap.Hang the fags.

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