U.S. Declares Assange An Enemy of The State

(RT)   On Wednesday night, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange spoke the United Nations General Assembly during a “Strengthening Human Rights” event. In his speech, Assange implored President Obama to do the right thing when it came to whistleblower Bradley Manning and criticized the administration for not practicing what it preaches when it comes to free speech. Shortly before Assange’s address, it has been learned through a Freedom of Information Act request that the US has declared the Wikileaks founder an enemy of the state.


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  • WE have aninals like dean boyd who are confirmed commies in the white house,yet the very people who are trying to save america and the world,like bradly manning are demonized by the totaly brainwashed americans, in prison.THE THING MOST STUPID AMERICANS don’t realize is when the GOVERNMENT says we have a SECRET,thats your clue ITS FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, yes thats the key for other governments to know,our government has something good for sale,NOT FREE TO THE PEOPLE WHO PAID FOR IT,for sale………brainwashed americans think theres such a thing as "SECRETS" hahaha,when are the american people going to realize criminals are running their government and have been for 100years or more……………….

  • IF ,OBAMA leaves office and theres any kind of an investigation into HIS criminal friends helping destroy america,THEY WILL ALL BE IN PRISON before its over,NOW DOES ANYONE believe these criminals are leaving office?? I can tell you the CLONED EGYPTIAN PHARAOH,THE 44th KING OF AMERICA,AIN’T leaving office,the bible says so and if anyone don’t think the elections in america aren’t RIGGED,go back to sleep,who rattled your cage anyhow…………

  • HOW many times do you have to slap an american in the face before they wake up????? answer: everyday for ten years,and even that won’t work if he has the IDIOT BOX turned on……………..

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