Two ways to help buff up the US economy: End the Fed, and forgive Americans of their debt

Author: Silence DoGood

There are only two quick ways to buff up the economy of the United States of America and empower people to get out of slavery.

First of all, the entire nations currency is being controlled, managed, printed, and circulated by the Federal Reserve a non-governmental reserve of foreign and private banks that control and create the fiat currency. Fiat Currency means that there is no raw material or resource to back the currency giving it no value thus the only way a currency has value is based on supply and demand and also based on the human population of the country. The Federal Reserve is Federal in name only (FINO) by a mere statute from 1913 but it is not managed by the Treasury of the United States.

First of all by transferring the currency power from the Federal Reserve to Treasury, the people and good politicians that are still in office can hold the power of the nations currency in check. The value of currency determines the power and strength of the country as a whole. If a country has a poorly valued currency with high inflation then that country is no better then being invaded by a foreign army.

Then the second way of restoring the economy is to stop giving stimulus money to big corporate money wasters that have proven to waste tax payers money. Instead all Americans should be forgiven of their debt with a modification of The Jubilee Act. With these modifications Americans can be forgiven of their debt and even granted start-up credit money upon a condition that the money will be used to help create a small business to help the economy. With the people being forgiven of their debt and maybe even given some credit, they can start up small businesses and also allow people to buy their goods and thus the economy starts to boom again. Instead of helping the corporations, the bailout money should be given to the people under certain conditions if needed to make sure it isn’t wasted again, that the money goes directly to helping the US Economy.

Then another method to help the economy even better is to allow access to the largest clean coal resources in America to burn clean environmentally friendly coal for power plants so that the environmentalists are happy and we can still live off of cheap electricity. Of course the EPA regulations preventing cleaner coal burning would need to be disbanded since these EPA and energy regulations were brought with the intention of shutting down competition of electric companies and create electric monopolies which would effectively harm the prosperity and economy. Corporate and political monopolies are a threat to the basic freedoms and liberties of the general public and businesses there corporate monopolies should be discouraged and prevented by law.

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