(YAHOO NEWS)   If you thought your old (embarrassing, awkward and regrettable) posts on social networking site Twitter had vanished or were out of reach for anyone, think again.

Twitter has opened up its archive of tweets for sale that will allow businesses access to every single update by a user over the last two years.

Partnering with Dataswift, a UK-based company, Twitter will offer the firm’s business partners the chance to sift through 24 months of people’s Tweets.

Twitter users are only able to access their own tweets from seven days ago.

Datasift’s marketing manager Tim Barker told The Telegraph that the service, which costs A$938 (£635) a month for an entry level package, will help businesses “understand their customers better”.

However this deal with Dataswift is not exclusive.

The Daily Mail reports more than 1,000 companies have joined a waiting list to use the marketing goldmine.

Datasift also offers additional information such as where users are when they Tweet, located via the GPS in their phones.

However, there are concerns that this deal is intrusive and poses a potential danger to the users’ privacy.

“Marketers will stop at nothing to get hold of your data. This move shows that all those throwaway tweets have suddenly become a rich new revenue stream for twitter, much in the same way that Facebook has monetised its offering,” Justin Basini, CEO of Allow, a data privacy company told The Daily Mail.

“And the worst thing is, you never knew it was going to happen. It just goes to show that online privacy is a rare thing indeed,” Basini reckons.

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