TSA harassment sends rape victim to emergency room

(RT)   What would have likely been a routine flight out of a Florida airport this weekend ended with a woman being sent to the emergency room after TSA agents insisted on groping a traumatized rape victim in a security pat-down that put her in the hospital.

A user of the online Web forum FlyerTalk.com writes that his wife was admitted to the ER for treatment after agents with the Transportation Security Administration cited an “anomaly” in her bra as a reason to subject her to an intrusive closed-door screening on Sunday at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The woman, described by her husband as the victim of brutal rape, was reportedly being transferred to a psychiatric ward for further treatment after what the man says was a “horrific experience.”

“Five years ago, she was violently sexually assaulted by three men and was threatened with death,” her husband writes. “She made it, and tried to bury it for three years. After nightmares, flashbacks and cutting she told me everything two years ago, and since then has been seeing professional counseling and taking medication.”

The husband adds that the rape occurred in Florida and although the couple no longer lives there, his wife is always on edge when they pass through the Sunshine State. This weekend’s incident didn’t make matters any better.

“My wife was sent towards the backscatter, and told the TSO [Transportation Security Officer] she didn’t want to go through that,” her husband writes, referring to the high-tech x-ray machines that let agents get an undercover look at what’s on a passengers person. “I then overheard the TSO graphically describing that ‘they will need to touch your privates,’” the author writes.

“That just about did it for my wife,” he adds, explaining that the TSO’s order quickly sent his wife into a fit of shakes and sweats as she was forced to let TSA agents have an x-rated look at her exposed body. Her problems didn’t end there, though.

“And then they discovered an ‘anomaly’ in her bra, so she needed to be patted down on her breasts. This freaked her out even more,” he adds. “She asked for a private room and for me to be there, and it was obvious that this pissed off the female assist TSO. As she started shaking and sobbing in the room as the TSO began to touch her breasts, I gently touched her arm. Big mistake – the TSO yelled that I couldn’t touch her and that I’d need to go through screening again.”

The author writes that his wife was able to make it to the plane after taking several pills but, once the flight landed, she asked to go to the ER after she began vomiting.

“Is this worth it?” he asks. “Had she been permitted to go through the metal detector, she would have been fine. But the language of the TSOs and lack of sympathy towards anyone with mental health issues is repulsive. Every mental health professional we’ve talked to despises what the TSA is doing.”

“Do rape victims or other people suffering with PTSD have any rights, or is it the usual if you don’t like it, don’t fly! bull?”


12 Responses to TSA harassment sends rape victim to emergency room

  • It’s not RIGHT but I don’t think they have any more rights than the people with physical issues. I can’t tell you how many of my friends have had to have their kids wheelchairs swabbed and the very disabled children patted down…or how many g-tube stomas I’ve heard of being swabbed to look for explosive chemicals…how many times their special medical formula that they have to be fed 24 hours a day has had to have some wasted because the TSA randomly tests it to the tune of several bottles or cans even though the first several have tested negative…or what about the person who’s insulin pump was destroyed by their equipment. All this with licensed medical doctor documentation and letters regarding the equipment, supplies and medical devices and attachments. The TSA has become very dehumanizing to those with medical disabilities and has stripped them of any dignity they had. They are incredible because they are not bound by the same privacy laws as medical staff are and don’t have to maintain a person’s dignity anywhere near as much as medical staff do. If I’m in a medical office with my son the nurse isn’t allowed to ask me ANYTHING about him in front of other patients yet these people can fondle tubes and surgically created holes right out in the open in front of EVERYONE. It’s ridiculous and needs to be reworked. I understand that a terrorist could pretend to be disabled or could use a disabled child to carry out some plot but there are other ways to go about scanning these passengers

  • "dont like it, dont fly" then im using that logic to support the mideast law on women raped in public. "she shouldnt have been in public then, without her husband escorting her" Both make no sense, and need to be abolished. TSA are terrorists by their own definition.

  • Flying for many people can be a huge anxiety inducer but especially if you have an underlying condition be it physical or mental – the anxiety triples. My Grandad, for example, can’t easily take off his shoes and put them back on without being able to sit down and have a bit of help due to his aches and pains. Yet when he goes to an airport he has to do this, and often they are jostled and rushed through things. Where is the line drawn? When do they begin to put in extra measures to help those out who need it? I don’t fly for the most part because I hate being touched unless it’s something I’m expecting or have gradually got used to. The idea of being physically searched would reduce my dignity to shreds, I even pulled out of physiotherapy after a car accident because I couldn’t deal with the (female) physiotherapist touching me. But it’s so difficult, most of those TSA’s won’t even have really known what PTSD is and the common thought is that rape victims dealing with trauma wouldn’t fly – be out in the public, they’d be holed up somewhere shut away from the world. Well actually, people with trauma exist in the real world, and PTSD isn’t just regulated to soldiers such is the common misconception – and it’s about time that conditions and traumas such as this were given a bit more time and understanding. We make adaptions for allergies, physical disabilities and more – why can’t we do the same for the ‘invisible’ illnesses?

  • "don’t like it, don’t fly" is EXACTY what I’m doing. The only way to get anything done in this country is to hit ’em in the wallet.

  • not about security…about getting people to accept the nwo policing style with no freedom and no trust…satanic banksters are having their day…but it has already been decided

  • I stopped flying two years ago–and while driving back and forth from the desert Southwest to the Pacific Northwest takes a lot more time, it’s less expensive–we use discounts, coupons, and bring our own food–and less stressful. My husband walks with a cane and prefers not to drive a lot, but we still go together. I refuse to participate in the TSA "security theater" BS and agree with Aileen–hit "em in the wallet! And if more people wake up and realize that the scans and patdowns are not for our security (they’ve never caught a so-called "terrorist" yet) but for our denigration and compliance, the government scam will be an open book. By the way, I’ve heard that there are extra fees tacked on to your airplane fare to pay for the grope-or-toast privilege. If you do your research (business conference? why not use Skype or phone conferencing?) and planning, you might find ways to get around the flight fright.

  • Great photo of the pervert! "Come here little girl, I have something to show you, or do you have something to show me?"

    What scumbags.
    The real TERRORISTS!

  • Does anyone really believe that fondling a adult’s or child’s privates in public improves airline security? This is a sick measure imposed by demented managers under the guise of security. Security does not require the current level of TSA roping and is disgraceful.

    No planes were hijacked between October 2001 and November 2010 without TSA digitally strip searching and groping children and strip searching women. The notion that randomly fondling the genitals of innocent people is necessary to provide security is absurd on its face and impossible to defend in the absence of the probable cause required of every other agency.

    TSA is preying on people with a fear of flying that are vulnerable to allowing themselves to be humiliated and abused by a government in hopes that that will somehow make them safer. Sadly, it doesn’t change the odds of them being in an airline incident but costs all of us a huge loss of our most basic human rights and billions in wasted tax dollars that desperately needed elsewhere.

    This is an unacceptable and sick procedure to address a security issue that requires intercepting a threat before it reaches the airport. This agency has become a tool of abusive and perverse managers and national disgrace

    People who are too cowardly to resist this abuse or speak out against it do great harm to our liberties and those of our children.

  • The worst part is how people are screened to work at an airport. All you need is a background check. I know a guy who wasn’t even qualified to work at McDonald’s. Yet he was hired at the airport and he even showed me his VIP card that exempted him from going through checkpoints. Authority in the hands of such incompetent people will only be abused.

  • OH,come on now ,the only people who don’t like having things shoved up their ass are people with something to hide,your foreign national president loves you and is keeping you safe or you’d put a stop to this stupid shit,ROMMY loves it ,Obamma loves it ,and you voted for them,so bend over and stop bitching,who cares if pictures of your naked ass are on the screens of the world……….they already knew americans were really stupid ,so who cares…………….

  • bitch,bitch,bitch,wait till they get your ass in the fema camps,do any of you really think they will care if you have mental problems???? you think these FEMA camps will be a SAFE REFUZE,hahaha,ITS really a good thing AMERICANS are stupid or this shit would have stopped a long time ago……(BEATEN,RAPED,STARVED and WORKED TO DEATH)thats what all the stupid AMERICANS are going to get in CAMP FEMA,good luck morons…………

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