TSA agent pulls down dress to expose the breasts of 17-year-old niece of Congressman during airport pat-down


(DAILY MAIL)   A U.S. Congressman has instigated a federal investigation of the TSA today after his teenage niece had her breasts exposed during a security pat-down.

Representative Ralph Hall of Texas said his gran-niece, 17, was ‘badly mistreated’ when she had her dress pulled down during security screening at an airport.

The young woman was part of a group of pupils traveling from Southwest Christian School, Texas to Australia.

The Congressman wants the agent who touched his niece fired from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

In a statement to MailOnline today, the TSA said: ‘We regret that the incident of more than two years ago was one that caused embarrassment to the young lady, however, an investigation concluded that the event was accidental.’

MailOnline was awaiting a response from Mr Hall’s press office in D.C.

The senator for Georgia, Saxby Chambliss, has also contacted the TSA in his state about ‘potentially invasive screenings’


3 Responses to TSA agent pulls down dress to expose the breasts of 17-year-old niece of Congressman during airport pat-down

  • As for the organized criminal traitors at TSA mentioning that it happened 2 years ago: The statute of limitations on sexual assault is surely longer than two years everywhere in the U.S. It was still criminal and immoral if it was two years ago.

    Where has the "honorable" congressman been while the TSA has been abusing and sexually assaulting innocent Americans? Did the "honorable" congressaman vote for the draconian and unconstitutional "Patriot" Act and the NDAA? What about the sunset of the Patriot Act? Did the "honorable" congressman vote to renew, so to speak? Did the "honorable" congressman vote to create the Totalitarian Department of Homeland Security that spies on ALL Americans? Apparently, the only crime in his eyes is that the daughter of a congressman (aka traitor, lackey, organized criminal) was the victim and the TSA scum were supposed to have magically known this and given her "special treatment"(immunity from government organized crime).

    If the congressman opposed all of these organized crime enabling acts and if he’s been fighting to protect all Americans against these crimes, he’s got standing to complain.

  • If no pictures,it didn’t happen

  • TSA is a terrorist cabal under a larger mob of Terrorist slime called "Homeland Security". They are nothing less than the "American Gestapo". Everything they do is illegal and there is a good reason for that. Good people would never lower themselves to the level of a cesspool sucking ball of bacteria which is a requirement to join that mob of psychopaths, pedophiles, perverts and criminal misfits. There is only one other terrorist organization worse than these despicable morons, that is the US Congress who enable and pay these filthy sewer rats with our stolen money. Put a deranged and disgusting sexual deviant imbecile with an IQ below a rock in a fancy uniform so they can do under color of "authority" what they would otherwise be arrested and jailed for and that is what we will get every time. In fact, TSA recruits these viruses. Until we the people throw out the entire mob of criminal thugs and gangsters in Washington, this disease called TSA and HLS will not be eradicated.

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