Truther Wake Up Call: Be Ready in Your Minds

(RADAR PRESS)   The truth movement, which came alive out of the smoke and ashes of 9/11, on the surface seems to be waiting and ready for when Big Brother pounces in it’s task of removing our individual sovereignty. But are we ready for what is about to explode upon our lives?

It is no doubt one thing to talk the talk but when it comes to walking the walk I can say with much confidence and sorrow that 90% of those involved in the attempt to expose the dark evil of the governments of this world have absolutely no idea what is about to come upon them when the elite make there final move.

As is stated and well known throughout the movement looms the evidence that the elite love to tell us what they are going to do before they do it. Which when one has enough puzzle pieces before him it makes it fairly easy to predict the next event or their next move.

Donald Rumsfeld told us what was going to come upon those who oppose or stand in the way of their plan for world government; Shock and Awe; Your worst unimagined nightmare; Bombs bursting in air and body parts flying by your head with your favorite fragrance of death burning in your nostrils. Honestly what the hell do you think is coming to a town near you, a circus?!

So as we bicker and moan amongst ourselves day in and day out, which gleams evidence that there is very little solidarity holding this cyber group of ours together, can you really say that you are prepared for Shock and Awe? Our minds are powerful enough to buckle the knees of the toughest guys you know. Will you even have the power to stand up without pissing your pants when an amped up soldier is aiming a weapon at your head? What if it’s a foreign troop?

It’s time to ask yourselves if you are truly ready for this psychological hell that is soon to be Shock and Awed upon our spoiled asses.

Are we stocking our minds with steel barriers in preparation for what is about to come? I can say with surety it is not going to be the tooth fairy that shows up in our town when it does go down. Do you have the mental power to not fold over into the fetal position when this monster explodes viciously in your face. 90% of us ARE GOING TO STAND IN LINE to get food from them and if it means taking a vaccine to eat well you can BET! Those who vowed in their own mind they would not, most certainly will.

We can’t fathom WW2 happening at our front door can we? It can’t possibly happen here and if it does well it’ll be a nice safe video game that we can just shut off when we are tired.

Prepare yourselves mentally SOON and expect nothing less than shock and awe remembering what Jack McLamb predicted saying, “It is going to come to the point when the people beg for martial law…”

And without a doubt some of you will be offended by my prediction but bet that you will be among those that fold. Instead of wasting your energy getting hostile with me you’d better save that gumption for when the time comes and you find yourself pissing your pants.

Are we psychologically ready for Shock and Awe? No -Mike@RadarPress

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