Treasury Dept. cuts ‘Humor in the Workplace’ job opening

(RAW STORY)   U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) on Friday morning called on the Treasury Department to axe a job opening seeking an applicant who can “create cartoons on the spot” in order to introduce “humor in the workplace.”

The move was seemingly in reaction to a link carried by right-wing news aggregator Matt Drudge who followed the Say Anything blog which picked up on the job opening in a Thursday post. The position was also the subject of a Fox News segment on Friday morning.

The job posting, offered on, called for the selected candidate to give “two, 3-hour, Humor in the Workplace programs that will discuss the power of humor in the workplace, the close relationship between humor and stress, and why humor is one of the most important ways that we communicate in business and office life.”

“Participants shall experience demonstrations of cartoons being created on the spot,” it continued.

“Several conservatives on Capitol Hill found it highly amusing that the Bureau of the Public Debt found it necessary to resort to humor in order to ease the stress of management meetings at a time when the federal deficit is ballooning,” noted The Hill.

“Of all the agencies, the Bureau of Public Debt should know that there is very little that is funny about today’s economic conditions,” Dorgan said, according to the Washington, D.C. publication. “I understand the need for motivation in the workplace, but I think we have a greater motivation to save the taxpayers some money.”

Buy 9:58 a.m. eastern standard time, the Bureau of Public Debt “determined that it no longer has a need for this requirement.”

Fox News host Steve Doocy jokingly asked, “[Vice President] Joe Biden says a lot of funny stuff. Would he be available to do this job?”

Clayton Morris, who called the job posting “absurd,” added that Biden may need a second job.

“Why not go over?” asked Doocy. “The Treasury Department is right next door to the White House!”

On, one anonymous user posting under the name “A-pimphand” jeered, “STOP WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY AND INFLATING THE CURRENCY. Obama wanted $787,000,000,000 for THIS?!”

“Every contractor on this list should be ashamed to be fleecing the American taxpayer with this worthless contract,” “A-pimphand” continued. “Hard working people are being forced to give the government the sweat of their brow…to fund this joke on the taxpayer. Every single one of you should be fired.”

“I’m all for laughter, and if any group of people need to learn how to laugh it’s federal bureaucrats, but even so,” noted Say Anything blogger Rob. “Is it appropriate – especially now in the midst of a national fiscal disaster – for the taxpayers to be footing the bill for laughter lessons?”

“What’s next?” asked Michael Roston at True/Slant. “FEMA will put out a requisition for sketch comedy as a means of disaster preparedness?

“Then again,” he added, “given the skillful way that President Bush dealt with Hurricane Katrina, you might think they’ve already done that.”

This video is from Fox News’ Fox & Friends, broadcast July 17, 2009.

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