The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Hurricane Katrina

7 Responses to The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Hurricane Katrina

  • I met one of the National Guard members who adamantly defended his role in this confiscation who then did his class presentation on how evil Democracts will unconstitutionally disarm America…I both laugh and cry at the insane state of so many of our so-called citizens.

  • After Hurricane Katrina, pople with guns were looting, ehich means walking/drinig/boating around stealing things from homes and businesses of people who had evacuated. Lottor’s guns were confiscated whenever they were caught. This is not an untold story. The looters just don’t want the side of the story with the looter’s own actions in it, to be told. They ant to hine about losing their guns but they don’t want to admit hat they were doing wrong at the time. The fact that they are suppressing the side of the story with the 90% of th facts on it that show the truth, while saying loudly the 5% of the facts that makes them look like victims, means that the looters are not only dishonest, they are also opposed to freedom of speech. They are alo clearly in favor of tyranny and gun control, they just want to be the tyrants controlling the guns.

  • No they weren’t, it has come out in court that police were shooting innocent people at will. Five cops are going to jail and there will be more to come. There was no reason to disarm anyone. Most of the looters you mention were in fact cops themselves. They disarmed people for no reason. I suggest you go do your research instead of believing the main stream media.

  • Rich people “take what they need”, poor people “loot”.


    Yes..indeed, the authorities were disarming folk because there were major incidents in which Blacks, males in particular, were selectively targeted by white mobs and “militias”, shot, and in some instances, killed under the pretext of stopping looters. These alleged ‘looters’ were Blacks traveling through white parishes to get to the Black sections of New Orleans. This information can be verified.

  • The killings were being done by the police, that is why 5 of them are in jail for murder.

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