The Sheriff Who Sold His County

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In the Great Salt Lake Valley, a once free land settled between the rugged Rocky and Sierra Nevada Mountain ranges, the county’s last firewall of protection from outside influence has been extinguished.

The Salt Lake area is renown for its world-class ski resorts, its vast food storage industry, and its uniquely large population of Mormons. The county, with a richly seated and an often mythical, chaotic history, has now become the stuff of legend.

This is the story of what has become of Salt Lake County, and the private militant corporation that has become its new police department. And to this you should pay heed, for this story is happening across the country, and may have already consumed your own county’s last hope, your elected Sheriff.

Let’s begin at the beginning of the end, when Salt Lake County lost its Sheriff’s Department…

First, understand that the County Sheriff is given the true lawful power of the people as an elected political office, and not a partisan appointment like all of the law enforcement officials beneath him. This political office is (or was) the protectorate of the people within each county; acting as the law of the land and the only instrumentality that has the real power to thwart the encroachments of the Federal government – the power to say NO!

If you have a problem with the local police in your town or city (corporate municipality), the County Sheriff and his department is who you would call as the authority of the land (county).

Our current “elected” Sheriff of Salt Lake County, one Mr. Jim Winder, is of course a wealthy member of the local dairy tycoon family, aptly named Winder Farms. He recently won his reelection campaign in the 2010 elections due to the fact that the information I’m about to present to you is absent from the general consciousness and comprehension of the good people of the Salt Lake Valley.

The good Sheriff actually campaigned on and was voted into this honorable office toting the success of the newly formed Unified Police Department – the “unification” of the sheriff, municipal, and unincorporated police departments within Salt Lake County into one corporately structured private police force – an act of treason and an assault on everything remotely constitutional.

The people have no idea what this man has done…

As of January 1, 2010, the day that Salt Lake County became a police state, the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department was officially dissolved. In its place was created a brand newcorporation, which is now described as “…responsible for all police operations”. This private company is called the “Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake”, or the “Unified Police Department” for short. lists this “private company” here: (

This Unified Police Department (UPD) became the “new police force” for all municipal corporations (cities) and all unincorporated areas within the County of Salt Lake, thereby dissolving the only true lawful protective body within the county, the elected Sheriff’s “Department“.

To add to the treasonous nature of this takeover of Salt Lake County, this elected Sheriff was then appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Unified Police Department by the County Council.

To clarify, the elected Sheriff Jim Winder was appointed by the elected County Council to be the CEO of the private company called “Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake”, which is in charge of all law enforcement within the County of Salt Lake.

And it gets worse… way worse!

So who’s idea was this, anyway?

Well… The local FOX 13 news affiliate reported it this way;


The details of a new metro police force for Salt Lake County, a feat that has taken several years to accomplish, have now been finalized. As of January 1, 2010, The Salt Lake County Sheriffs Office will be dissolved and will be replaced with a new metro police department. The new department will be run by mayors of participating cities.

“It’s happened, today we are formalizing what has really been a several year initiative to create a consolidated police entity that is managed by municipal (corporation) mayors,” said Sheriff Winder of the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Instead of being run by a chief or the sheriff, the metro police force will be controlled by a board made up of the mayors of the participating municipalities (corporations). The sheriff will act as chief executive on that board.

(Source Link:,0,2854276.story )

What more could the leaders of organized crime (the mayors) ask for than a private police force that they control and use to take the people’s wealth and property?

And, right from the horses mouth, the county government website had this to say:

Mayor’s Report/UPD
Published: Oct. 2009

The Unified Police Department will be born January 1, 2010. A quarter million resident’s of Salt Lake valley will be served by a new police force. I have been honored to serve as the Chair of the UPD transition committee along with Mayor Dennis Webb of Holladay serving as vice chair.

Public Safety is the number one priority for every governmental entity, federal, state or local. The creation of the UPD is another step in providing the highest level of police protection for citizens living in unincorporated areas and cities served by the Sheriff.

The UPD will replace the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s patrol services. As it is currently formulated, the UPD will serve townships and unincorporated areas plus the cities of Bluffdale (which is considering other options), Herriman, Holladay and Riverton. The UPD will also provide limited pooled services to Taylorsville, including SWAT, narcotics and gang prevention.

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