The Senate Toys With Treason

(CORPRIOCRACY)   The upcoming signing and ratification of the UN Small Arms and LOST (Law of the Sea) Treaties should pretty much draw the final lines in the sand as to whom in the Senate should be purged by either electoral removal, impeachment for violating the Oath of Office or by recall in those states where possible.  Every aspect of both these treaties harbingers the dissolution of American sovereignty and the loss of the rule of law in the United States of America.  The 2nd Amendment is in second position as a barrier to prevent the Federal Government from becoming tyrannical.  “The 2nd Amendment is a last resort against tyranny in Government.”  Thomas Jefferson.

The 1st provides for freedom of petition of grievance against the Government because if you can’t speak out, you would be forced to revolt simply to get the message to your own government that what they are doing is violative of your individual unalienable rights.


5 Responses to The Senate Toys With Treason

  • I implore all who read this story to goto the link provided above and send your letters or emails to your appropriate congressmen & senators…

    I added at the end of my letters that anyone signing these treaties be condemned as traitors and impeached from the Senate…

  • SPARKY God Bless Ya! Sending letters, e-mails, talking directly to a politician looking them square in the eyes, it really doesnt matter. THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT,they will lie right in your face, there is no more representation for "WE THE PEOPLE". "Treason, that has been along time coming I would say since about 1963.

  • HA,HA you guys think these traitors care what you think,WE had a US senator in DENVER pretend he was holding a ticket in his hand,where all could see and told us to "all go to hell" because he had a ticket and didn’t care what we wanted…..THE russians and chinese are ready, willing and able to take this country down,and war will be here as soon as the ORDER is given to take the GUNS,JULY 27,2012 is the expected date OBAMA will sign the UN small arms treaty,REMOVING all your rights as AMERICANS,reducing you to third world slaves,FORCED to take the MARK OF the BEAST chips"the christains will say this ain’t it" and forever live on your knees with UN troops killing and raping you at their command,and doing what ever they want from then on……………….good luck……

  • OF course most americans will give up their women and children to the troops to be raped and killed,because their women trained them to be fagots and pussys,thats why most of the ALPHA MALES in america are in PRISON now……1 out of every 10 males in america is a ALPHA MALE the rest of them are drones,good luck guys cause your women are going to try to stop you from protecting your familiy,and all the talking to them YOU DO will not help,as they will call the police and report you,and then you’ll be in jail too………… on the name of the LORD its your ONLY HOPE…………


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