The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed

(FEDERALJACK)   This video was not posted to offend anyone, rather it is meant to raise questions that need to be answered. I am not pointing the finger in any one direction yet because there is too much confusion, but it seems something is going on that needs to be looked at.  Some of the questions about the guy in the camo pants may have been answered already, but there are a ton of other questions raised in this video. Take the 30 minutes to watch it.


Debunking The MSM Attack on Professor James Tracy

Reaction to FAU professor’s Newtown conspiracy is misguided and misinformed

CT. COP on Sandy Hook Inconsistencies: “THINGS DON’T ADD UP”

How the Newtown massacre became a Mind-Control television event



10 Responses to The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed

  • The ineligible foreign criminal usurper and the other criminal scum in his Chicago organized crime family, Jarett, Holder, Biden, and other communist criminal traitor scum, not to mention their racist supporters, are using their own false flag mind control terror to disarm and subjugate real Americans.

    This should not be happening and Barry Soetoro should have been impeached for his crimes in the Benghazigate liar in chief executive office ordered assassination.

    The illegal occupant of the Whitehouse is committing crimes with these illegal and unconstitutional executive orders.

    Why should we be surprised when the illegal foreigner occupying the Whitehouse illegally commits dictatorial transgressions, indeed assumes all of the powers of a dictator.

    We should not be surprised. Why? Because the American people have proven that they will not take their country back no matter what! All manner of illegal terrorist activity BY THE GOVERNMENT has been shrugged off, with a little bit of complaining but not with what needs to be done! Shame!

  • It’s really great that people are sharing this iniomratfon.

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  • I like what you have done here. Mostly i like the part where you say you are doing this to give back and looking at all the comments it seems that this is working for you as well.

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