The Real Cause of Illegal Immigration

(FEDERALJACK)   Many people talk about jobs being taken by immigrants and are quick to blame them for the economic crisis but what’s really happening ?  The reality of the problem is in large part do to the Federal Reseve and international bankers who keep stealing money from the people and economicaly enslaving them. In another part the problem is also caused by the big companies who give all the jobs to countries like China, India and South America where they pay only pennies and help support slave labor. This is clearly a policy of the elite’s Plutocracy, who get richer at the cost of American citizens’ economic stability. They take the money out of the US and then blame the immigrant for the consequences of the Plutocracy’s greed.

Another issue is the claim of ownership of the United States by the so called patriots. How can we see ourselves as owners of a stolen land ? If anything the only people that can probably say they own America are the natives and even to this day they are being oppressed. There is nothing wrong with being loyal to your country and nation or to protect your way of life but this should never be at the expense of the lives of innocent people. Basic human rights and decency comes first.

Lets not forget the reason why Immigrants come to the US. Immigrants come here because their countries’ economies have been and continue to be crippled by the CIA fomented wars, their economic hit men and the World Bank [1]. They have and still are killing thousands of people and destroying their societies while gaining control of their resource rich countries. This is also the root cause of why the United States has such a bad image in many countries. The next time you blame illegal immigrants think of what you are allowing your government to do to bring them to the point of leaving their families in order to work here to help their families survive the US economic assault on their countries. Would you not do the same if you had to feed your family ?

In short how can we have a resentful and envious attitude against immigrants when this land was founded on genocide, slavery and greed and when it continues to oppress and destroy the lives of millions all over the world ? How can you blame and oppress the immigrant when we ourselves, our parents and even the President are all immigrants. How can we talk about legal vs illegal immigration when this land itself was stolen and it’s daily activities are to still the economies and resources of other countries.

Do to the way the elite have advanced their agendas, we could soon find ourselves being immigrants in another country, experiencing the same conditions of the U.S. immigrant we are blaming today . As usual, politicians are not dealing with the real issue as they are only interested on protecting the elite. They focus only on the side effects of their own creations and the masses follow their preposterous explanations and plans of action that keep making things worst.

1.Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
John Stockwell – The Secret Wars of The CIA

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

John Stockwell – The Secret Wars of The CIA

Source: Federal Jack Original Article  – by Rick

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