The Hateful ‘Hate Group’ Scam

(Thomas DiLorenzo)   A recent email from the Save America Foundation complained that it had been placed on a list of “patriotic hate groups” by the left-wing anti-free speech hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center. Also included in the “Law Center’s” list of hate groups is the Constitution Party, Oath Keepers, and the neoconservative Web site WordNetDaily.

“Oath Keepers” is an organization of police and military officers who take an oath to obey the Constitution. The Constitution Party advocates constitutional government. This is too, too much for the Southern Poverty Law Center (which does not practice poverty law), which smears these groups as conspiracy theorists and believers in “antigovernment doctrines.” You know, like the U.S. Constitution with all of its antigovernment “Congress shall make no law . . .” language. “Anti-government zealots” are at an all time high, the “Poverty Center” screams in its latest laughingly-named “intelligence report.”

It’s obvious what the scam is here: The SPLC raises millions by issuing verbose press releases denouncing any and all critics of government as potential criminals or terrorists, and promising to “keep an eye on them” for the rest of us.  Liberals, leftists, and the gullible and feeble minded open their checkbooks.  It is the anti-free speech arm of the Leviathan state. It is telling that during the Bush administration, when every leftist group on the planet was spewing hatred and venom at the U.S. government (and justifiably so in most instances), there were no sounds of alarm bells coming from the Southern Poverty Law Center announcing any skyrocketing increases in the number of “hate groups” in the U.S. Only now, with a Democratic president whose political philosophy is that of unlimited governmental power, do we see such absurdities. We know that the “mainstream media” are either dumb or evil enough to buy into this scam, but is the American public really that stupid and gullible as well?

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