The Great Austerity Caper

(JOE JOSEPH)   The following article is how I would market deficit reduction to Americans.  People really need to wake up and smell the roses as to the detrimental state of our economy and our well being.  Cost of living is rising, wages are falling.  The globalization focus has all but decimated our manufacturing base.  This article is the way that I would market real change in America!  Ahhhhh… I can smell the austerity measures setting in now.  President Obama has implemented a two year pay freeze for Federal employees that would save the tax payers five billion dollars over two years.  All hail our President for looking out… NOT!  As we dive deeper into the political muck, we can see that the military (and rightfully so) is exempt from having their pay frozen.  But wait… there’s more!  Congress and their staffs are also exempt?!?!?  President Obama knows all too well that he can’t get this pay freeze passed through Congress if they have to vote themselves out of pay raises, so nice going there Barry!  Seeing as how the President or Congress can’t seem to get it right and are going to try and steal more of the common citizens wages for a drop in the bucket savings, I thought I would give a recommendation of where we could save money, eliminate the deficit, give a tax break to citizens, and bring prosperity back to this once great nation. Let’s first go through the agencies that we could cut out due to the fact that they are either way to big or UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!

– Department of Education:  Just look at the public education system in this country, and I don’t need to say any more than that.

– Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA):  It is a person’s right to do to themselves what they want to do.  Drugs should be legalized so that the black market can be eliminated, crime can be reduced, and the free market can take over  and capitalize on a new area of opportunity.  It is the personal responsibility of each individual to ensure that they are a functioning member of society… not the government.  The DEA has been increasingly interfering in doctor/patient relationships causing inadequate care, pain, and suffering of an untold amount of people in this country.  The government has no place in dictating how a doctor cares and treats his or her patient.

– Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF):  Again, prohibition didn’t work before, and it hasn’t worked this time either.  As for firearms, it is every person’s right to have or own firearms in this country.  That right shall not be infringed, or so it goes in the Constitution.

– Department of Homeland Security (DHS):  After 9/11 George W. Bush increased the size of the Federal government by 40% with this monstrosity.  Funny… if I were to believe for a second that it went down the way the government said it did, then all it would have took to avoid the situation entirely was for people and agencies to do their jobs.  If they did that and the current laws and regulations were enforced, then it would have never happened.  Congress has a nasty habit of enacting more legislation each time there is a screw up, rather than ensure that current laws are enforced and regulations followed.  That’s why no one knows these days what the law really is, and why our non-representing representatives don’t read bills anymore…

– Social Security Administration:  It is not the responsibility of the government to manage retirement funds or provide for disabled people.  While everyone who works pays into the system, it has been used, abused, and bankrupted.  People should be given the option to opt out of Social Security, take the money that they have put into it, and do what they want with the money.  After all, it’s their money.  Private insurance companies should offer policies to people who work; so that if they become disabled, they’re covered.  It should be the choice of each individual to purchase that insurance.

– U.S. Military:  I firmly believe that we need a strong military to be able to defend ourselves against some of the crazies out there and protect our interests abroad, but over 700 bases in 130 countries?!?!?!  How about the three illegal wars that we are fighting???  (Three you ask?  We never stopped the conflict in Korea… we’ve had a cease fire in place for over 50 years now).  If we brought our men and women in uniform home and say gainfully employed them on the border, we could kill two birds with one stone.  Getting out of these places where we don’t belong and enforcing immigration law with people already on the payroll.  This leads me too…

– Border Patrol:  This is the TSA in a different uniform.  These idiots operate UNCONSTITUTIONAL checkpoints 100 miles inside this country to ask people for their papers.  Are you kidding…? We already have a military that can more than adequately protect the border and repel invaders.  Last but certainly not least…

– Transportation Security Agency (TSA):  Need I say more???

See folks, by eliminating or streamlining those eight bureaucracies listed above, we would eliminate the national debt, create a surplus that would enable us to give tax breaks to all Americans, institute worthwhile social programs that give people a hand UP and not a hand OUT, and increase our liberties and freedoms in this country.  You want to see it happen?? Then wake up and get active.  Michael Roberts; the pilot who told TSA to go blow when they told him to go through one of their scanners or get a “enhanced pat down” caught lightning in a bottle when he said “NO!”.  We can do the same thing, but we have to be persistent and we have to let our elected officials know that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS.  That means they answer to whom?  To each and every one of the citizens in these united States of America.  Let the police man know the next time they harass you, who they are harassing… their boss!  Let all of these public servants know that they answer to us, we don’t answer to them.  If enough people embark on this line thinking, then change can really start to take place.



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