Mass Vaccination Drill held in Bucks County, PA

EDITORS NOTE:  The members of WeAreChange NJ are Regulars on Federaljack, as are allot of WAC chapters.  They constantly submit top notch information to us and I wanted to make sure that they get the proper credit they deserve.  Nj isn’t an easy place to wake people up.  If you know anything about trauma based mind control you will understand why its so hard, if not I suggest you look the subject up.  The Tri-state area was subjected to the trauma on 9/11, and the media drilled the story they wanted you to believe.  Not only do they cover NJ they also cover parts of PA as well, and these guys deal with allot of bullshit from sheeple, and cops, just to wake up the masses.  I lived in Jersey so I now the kind of people they have to deal with.  Thankfully to their efforts and the efforts of WAC NY the people of the TRI-STATE area are waking up.  And they are not afraid to do some investigating.  Bravo Zulu Gentlemen, Semper Fi

(WeAreChange NJ)   Hello all, today was a very interesting day. I learned about a mass vaccination drill that occurred in Bucks County PA, my home county. I received this mailer from and when I opened it I was shocked to read a mass vaccination for the seasonal flu shot “drill” had occurred just minutes from my house. So like the very concerned citizen that I am, I called the Bucks County Health department and started asking questions. I was connected to a women in the nursing department who’s name I’ll leave out of this posting. First I asked her was this a compulsory exercise for the people who showed up. Her response was no, which made me smirk for only a second. My next question was simply; how many participated? Her response was very disturbing. “6500 people were vaccinated, it was great”! My next question to her was; who paid for this exercise? She had no response because she didn’t know. I then started asking her about PA house bill 492 the emergency health powers act which is in committee right now. She was clueless and didn’t know what I was talking about. In turn I started telling her about the sweeping powers the bill grants to “public health official of the county” who’s name is David Damsker MD MPH. And again she was clueless, and after one of those really long uncomfortable pauses she said I can transfer you to his voicemail. I thought “PAYDIRT” maybe I can finally get some answers, so I said sure. I left Mr Damsker a message at around 12:30 pm and didn’t expect a response, but to my surprise he himself called me back at around 4:10
During my conversation with Dr. Damsker my first question to him was. Who paid for this mass vaccination “drill” ? He said it was “federal money” . I replied Homeland Security funded this? Yes was his response, but then he paused and said “well maybe all I know it was federal money not local tax dollars” . After a brief pause, I then asked him if he knew about Pa house bill 492. His response was no he hadn’t heard of the bill. I proceeded to tell him what powers the bill granted him under direction of the Governor . I could tell he was genuinely shocked by what I was telling him. He then started rationalizing the need for such legislation and how people who posed a serious health risk to other’s should rightfully be quarantined. As a medical doctor I can see his point, but this bill has broad language that can interpreted in either direction. So my next point to him was that the bill also contained restrictions on firearm sales and transfers during a state of public health emergency. He simply responded ” why is that in there” and I replied “I really don’t know”. Our conversation lasted about 10 minutes, and Dr Damsker thanked me for contacting him and giving him the information and said he would look into the bill and follow up on this. My response was “I Hope you will, I hope you will”.

Craig Motyka

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