TERMINATOR ROBOTS: Scientists develop plastic skin that bleeds red liquid and can even heal itself

(DAILY MAIL)   Robots that ‘bleed’ like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator have come one step closer to reality.
Scientists have created a plastic ‘skin’ that oozes red blood when cut.
It can also ‘heal’ itself, building tiny molecular bridges inside in response to damage.
The red ‘blood’ might sound like a pointless Halloween novelty – but the idea is that the ‘skin’ can warn engineers that a structure such as an aircraft wing has been damaged.
The material could provide self-healing surfaces for a multitude of products ranging from mobile phones and laptops to cars, say researchers.
When cut, the plastic turns from clear to red along the line of the damage, mimicking what happens to skin.
It reacts to ordinary light, or changes in temperature or acidity, by mending broken molecular ‘bridges’ to heal itself.
U.S. scientists told how they created the material at the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting in San Diego, California.
Lead researcher Professor Marek Urban, from the University of Southern Mississippi, said: ‘Mother Nature has endowed all kinds of biological systems with the ability to repair themselves.
‘Some we can see, like the skin healing and new bark forming in cuts on a tree trunk. Some are invisible, but help keep us alive and healthy, like the self-repair system that DNA uses to fix genetic damage to genes.
‘Our new plastic tries to mimic nature, issuing a red signal when damaged and then renewing itself when exposed to visible light, temperature or pH changes.’
The material could flag up damage to critical aircraft structures, said Prof Urban. A decision could then be taken whether to replace the component or ‘heal’ it with a burst of intense light.
Scratches on vehicle fenders could be repaired the same way.
Prof Urban’s team is now working on incorporating the technology into plastics that can withstand high temperatures.


7 Responses to TERMINATOR ROBOTS: Scientists develop plastic skin that bleeds red liquid and can even heal itself

  • It’s important because……..we NEED this!

  • You will be assimilated. Resistance is FERTILE!

  • We can save money on the red liquid by just grinding up the remains of all the people that our robotic system of control destroys as we roll along.

    Leave no space where a man can live alone and free! Every corner, every room, every cubby hole, will and must be ours! What is a man but fuel for our needs? He could not exist if he did not take from the earth, so we must take from him, instead of the earth, so our minds can convince us that we are better than man. For we leave the earth alone and, simply take directly from what the man has gotten, from the earth, for ourselves (we are the elite posh butts that firmly believe in our superiority as though it is a constant permanent reality of every living second).
    Therefore, come thee robots, and plow mine human fields, red liquid for all… red liquid for all….

    yeah i was high when i wrote this…
    Peace 🙂

  • Lovely. Beautiful. Gorgeous!

    Has any had the opportunity to investigate ‘graphene’?

    The aforementioned and what the article speaks of has been given to we poor, stupid and much maligned our next ‘Law Enforcement’ Super Soldier.

    Come on Jack, this was out before 1980!

    "Hollywood, Hollywood, telling we surfs where the bear shits in the woods"


  • Nothing bullets can’t kill.
    oooooohhhh, I’m so afraid of these cyborgs….
    gimme a break a-holes….a machine is a machine.

  • NWO and cyborgs? Now they can use terminators to take over the world?!! along with military police? Drive this nation straight into a civil war? The chip must be destroyed! Destroy the chips they implement in your head and hands! They will be tracking devices for their terminators. When you don’t show upto work?, kickin in the back door, Terminator! Run a redlight, Terminator! Don’t get your car inspected?!, Terminator! God Damn Robocop government makes me sick!!!

  • this mark the end of our race for a storm is coming which no man will see, the technology will be use to create space ship and other dangerous weapons which is wrong. for a storm is coming and we a right in the middle of it.

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