Tempe Man Files Massive Scamera Lawsuit – Redflex Named

CameraFRAUD has been sent a copy of a RICO suit that names a large contingency in the scamera criminal enterprise in Arizona as defendants. Here are some highlights of the list of money-grubbers:

*Redflex Traffic Systems

*City of Tempe

*Tempe Police Dept

*Karen Finley, CEO of Redflex

*Terry Goddard, AZ Atty General

*Hugh Hallman, Mayor of Tempe

*John Halikowski, Director AZ Dept of Transportation.

*Roger Vanderpool, (former) AZ DPS Director

*Thomas Ryff, City of Tempe Chief of Police

*Joel Navarro, Tempe City Council

*Judge Louraine Arkfeld, Tempe Muni Court

There are many more listed on the official document here. The plaintiff,Mr. Daniel Gutenkauf has filed the suit under the grounds that all named parties are acting as a criminal syndicate, committing extortion and fraud in order to profit from scamera tickets.

Eventually the scam of photo ticketing will come to an end in this country. If this RICO suit is heard and goes through, it will be a giant step in the direction of a nationwide ban.

The state of Arizona and it’s elected officials have shamed themselves by allowing the criminal behavior of scamming motorists with photo tickets to continue. If it takes a lawsuit to put it to and end in our state, so be it, but our public officials have had plenty of chances to do the right thing and have looked the other way. This shame is theirs.


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  • Dan G. had a great case that would have and SHOULD have opened up floodgates. He is being ignored because most lawyers know that the courts are owned by the Zionist criminal syndicate (as I experienced in my own suit against Tempe PD and other city entitities…) So it is impossible to find legal representation because these lawyers wish to keep their licenses. So the Courts are failing to recognize Pro Per prepresentation, which is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to represent onesself! I am being completely ignored while the courts charged me filing fees… as if I never filed a single thing! We have a very SERIOUS problem. Most Americans are asleep to it. I, too, was exposing the Redflex relation to RICO criminal syndicate.

    I was recruited in 1998 to put the illegal think tank together that brought the creepy cameras out to begin with. It got into the back pockets of the Universities with Federal Funding and the goal was to Nationalize Identification (which Healthcare bill accomplished first) and allows for an RFID chip implantation, to where anyone who steps out of line is “deactivated”… their life in complete chaos and turmoil. Welcome to the Bush family New World Order Agend funded by Nazi Germany/Zionist profits.

    Lets all say the words together: FEMA CAMPS…. WAKE UP.

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