Taser’s youngest victim dies from cop attack

(RT)   Two days before Brett Elder’s sixteenth birthday, Bay City Police tased the 15 year old to death.

This is how on March 22, 2009 police reacted to a dispute between Elder and another individual. On that Michigan morning, the boy was inebriated, and according to the officers involved, he alledgedly attempted to fight them, leading an officer to use his Taser. One witness, however, said Elder had already been cuffed by the officers when the cop fired-off the weapon.

“He was flopping around and looked like a fish out of water,” Cindy Hernden told Tom Eley of World Socialist Web Site back in 2009. “That’s the only way to explain it — his whole body was bent over,” Elder’s aunt went on to say.

The boy later died at a local hospital.

The results of an autopsy showed Elder died of “alcohol-induced excited delirium,” along with the “application of an electro-muscular disruption device.”

Earlier this month Elder’s family got some closure for the wrongful death when a federal judge ruled on a $1 million settlement. Eugene E. Elder Sr., Brett’s father, filed the lawsuit back in 2009 and stated that “there’s no reason for killing my boy.”

Members of Brett’s family admitted at the time he was trying to cope with the loss of his mother and was going through rehab for substance abuse. Although the loss of his mother isn’t an excuse, his family says that being drunk was no reason for Elder to die. Wendy Elder, Brett’s sister-in-law, told the media “the police are supposed to protect you, not hurt you.”

The officer that fired the Taser was placed on administrative leave but no criminal charges were ever filed against the officer.

After the settlement, Eugene Elder Jr. declined to comment.

According to Truth… not Tasers, a website which is against Taser use, there has been approximately 682 related deaths in North America and Elder maybe the youngest person to have died from an electro-muscular disruption device.


13 Responses to Taser’s youngest victim dies from cop attack

  • please publish the name of this worthless pig

    once you do that i will publish this cops address
    and the address of everyone in his blood line

    paybacks a BITCH

  • People should always keep in mind the names of those bastards and when time comes take care of them with a stronger taser and make them die the same way. I hope the people in America wake up and tase all of those evil political y police bastards forever.

  • Time to start greasing these assholes. I’m sorry to say but, it is time. They do nothing for nobody except be an army of the rich.

  • You have a responsibility to state the name of the police officer. Do not hide this evil from the public! We have a right to deny services at restaurants and business establishments to drive him out of the community!

  • Looks like if you want to be a killer, the police department is the place to work. Your never held accountable and you get paid administrative leave after you kill someone.

  • The term “excited delirium” was practically invented by TASER Int which has successfully sued to have causes of death changed so as not to imply that anyone has or can ever be killed via TASER electrocution.


  • supportyourlocalgunfighter.com/…o-kill-a-cop-video/

  • We need to publish a nation wide “Rogues Gallery of notorious “criminal police” and their the police Chief that supports them along with the crime, State and city they are from along with their home addresses.

  • The officers name is Todd Atkins.

  • Note to all fascists/pigs/cops out there:

    If you can’t restrain & administer help to a drunk 15-year-old boy without murdering him, you have no business being a police officer!!!

  • Cops are listed in the dictionary between cock suckers and criminals. To all you “law” enforcement officials at all levels: YOU’RE DAY IS COMING. YOU AND YOUR CRIME BOSSES ARE NEAR YOUR END. You all had better hope you have a God to pray to because you’ll get no mercy on this earth.

  • In the old west, (low tech), the boy would have just been thrown in the drunk tank, and have been fine the next day.
    Now a days, in this so called “civilized” high tech world- THE BOY IS DEAD. These excuses for abuse of power are no less than murder. With the damn government full well behind it.

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