SWAT team fires semi-automatic weapons at unarmed teenage girl

(RT)   SWAT team fires semi-automatic guns at unarmed 18 year old

Members of a SWAT team opened fire on an unarmed teenage girl this week when police officers outside of Washington, DC attempted to serve an early morning search warrant.

Myasia Hughley, 18, is recovering from flesh wounds following Thursday morning’s events in District Heights, Maryland. She was asleep in her bedroom at her family house when 15 FBI SWAT agents stormed the house with guns drawn.

“I’m shouting ‘Nobody is armed, nobody has a gun!’ and then all of a sudden I heard ‘She’s got a gun!’ and they just opened fire,” Emory Hughley, Myasia’s father, tells local station WJLA News.

Myasia didn’t have a gun, though, nor did any other member of the Hughley household. The authorities allegedly saw something, and in their minds had enough reason to unleash a barrage of bullets at the girl. Mr. Hughley tells Washington’s NBC News4 that he saw one agent even fire off around seven shots himself using a semi-automatic weapon.

“They almost hit my daughter, man,” he adds to WJLA. “If I hadn’t told her to go back in her room they probably would have shot her.”

“I’ve got eight holes in my wall. One bullet went past my head, almost hit me, ricocheted off my brick wall and some of the shrap metal hit my little daughter in the back of her neck, all for nothing.”

The Hughleys are now asking for answers from the FBI, but so far the authorities have stayed silent as to why they were raiding the home. Mr. Hughley says a day later that he has yet to be told why his house was visited in the early morning hours by more than a dozen heavily armed FBI agents other than they were executing a search warrant. The FBI’s Washington Field Office has deferred from answering pleas from the press to explain what the judge-approved order was for.


12 Responses to SWAT team fires semi-automatic weapons at unarmed teenage girl

  • s-h-a-d-o-w g-o-v-t

  • when did the possession of a gun (the 2nd amendment) automatically trigger an execution by jack-booted thugs?

  • We have been surreptitiously lied to, poisoned, and coerced into a system that is completely out of balance.

  • they don’t even need to do these raids. They usually know where these suspects/people they seek work or hang out and could pick them up there. But, no, let’s get a mini-tank, a bunch of amped out tester one high violent individuals with guns together and raid a home. They are so ridiculous they cannot even get the address right. I truly believe that swat raids on homes for any thing other than hostage situations should be illegal.

  • Unfortunately it seems many police officers are nothing more than gung-ho "macho warriors" out to put a notch in their guns, so to speak, so that they can parade around their "machoness" to their fellow cops. Sick and disgusting! It’s good to be a team player when the team is doing something right and reasonable. Otherwise, you’re just a coward going along in fear! If you are a cop and you say "NO!" to this type of barbaric "law enforcement", then you are indeed a hero!

  • With these kind of military tactics being deployed by the police nationwide, America has become the second Nazi Germany where the cops have become the Stazi, Homeland security are the brown shirted, jackboots and the government are now the fourth reich and we the people are the national security threat to their rise in power who must be stopped so their dictatorship is unhampered by freedom loving people across the nation. We are no longer a free nation of free thinkers that can build anything and cure any illness, we are now a nation of wimps who are afraid to "offend" another, who must be politically correct or the wrath of the monster will come to your door and kill you and your children for not playing their game their way. Where do you think it will go from here?

  • Incriminally Insane needs to fact-check himself. Communist East Germany had the STASI; Nazi Germany had the GESTAPO. Each organization’s name was a conjunction of words, STASI short for Stats Polizei (State Police); GESTAPO short for Geheime Stats Polizei (Secret State Police). Else? Maybe he’s on the mark?

  • When I was young, we were trained in law enforcement. Today, police are trained in urban warfare. We don’t have to accept this.

  • Useful idiots doing what they do best.

  • But I just read a tearful plea begging us to turn our guns over to the police because guns are dangerous and the police are professionals who know how to handle guns.

    Yes our children will be saved from school shootings if we give up our guns and allow only the "professionals" to use guns. Maybe this teenager was black because Costas says that guns are racist, and gun owners are the KKK. Bet the professional cops couldn’t stop their racist guns from firing at a KKK target.

  • We are accustomed to seeing these sorts of things in violent R-rated action thriller movies, but not in real life. What is going on here people? Are we going to allow our elected officials to bully and brutalize us in the name of justice? Let’s all chant: "With Liberty, and Justice for All". We need an accounting of this over-the-top police action. We need to hold these authorities accountable for this unnecessary and violent raid, and pay for the damages to this family home, the cherished institution of our free society. Are you with me?

  • These idiots on these SWAT teams and in many police forces need to be trained to use common sense. You have a warrant to search a house? How about you first try simply sending a uniformed police officer to knock on the front door and attempt to explain what is going on to the people inside first. Most people are law-abiding citizens who will cooperate with a uniform police officer who shows up at their door. This will also allow the officer attempting to make contact to assess whether there truly is a threat from the people inside or not based upon their response to the officer’s request.

    A bunch of armed men barging into a house without warning is an act of terrorism and endangers the lives of both the people inside and the armed men invading the house unannounced. Unless the police have received gunfire from the house or someone inside the house has threatened the police while they are present on site there is no reason why armed men barging into the house would be necessary.

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