Susan Lindauer Gets Death Threats, Says She Will Not Commit Suicide & Is In Perfect Health

(FEDERALJACK)    On Sept. 18th 2011 Susan Lindauer had a two (2) hour long interview with me (Popeye) on my Radio Show (Down The Rabbit Hole) and during one of the breaks she related information that she had received death threats for her work in getting the truth about Libya out.  I (Popeye) was so bothered by this and the fact that we had not talked about it on air that I called Susan back and asked her to do a quick special broadcast about it.  To quote Susan “I promise I will never, ever commit suicide. I would never give the CIA the satisfaction! And you can quote me on that in your article!”


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10 Responses to Susan Lindauer Gets Death Threats, Says She Will Not Commit Suicide & Is In Perfect Health

  • I too noticed that Routers, MSNBC, CNN and FOX and also CBS online Comments will PURGE any comments towards the TRUTH about whats going on in Libya. I have seen the Videos. I have seen how the Media has given DEATH THREAT’S to Independent Journalist’s and telling them NOT to mention the Al Qaeda. The SAME Al Qaeda that was brought from IRAQ and killed over 3500 of our U.S. Troops.

    Yet Our Government is not only Supporting these Al Qaeda but now Libya’s Rebels that have committed so many WAR CRIMES are now being given a place in the United Nations. This by far is TREASON to the Families that lost their Son’s in Iraq. I guess people can’t pick up a Dictionary and read what the hell a REBEL (Is?)…

    Then in March ran an Article on the SAMS Missiles in Libya that were Stolen and it asked, WHO SOLD LIBYA it’s SUPERMISSILES? Many of these Missiles (SAMS) were Brand New and U.S. MADE. Is this entire Country Asleep?

    Then NATO stole Gaddafi’s 144 Tons of GOLD. Why? Because Gaddafi was going to Print the New Gold Dinar. This would have taken Libya off the U.S. Dollar. And Probably all of Africa too. So just like when Saddam in Iraq switched to the Euro, The U.S. Attacked him. It has been Confirmed that there was NO LINKS to Al Qaeda or Bin Laden when Saddam was in Office. Also confirmed that Bin Laden was INNOCENT of any ties to 9/11 too.

    There is an esoteric agenda being played out here and the U.S. Government continues to destroy other nations with their Economic Hit-Men. A man sits back and wonders what he brought his Children into this world for. Then we hear the paid off Politicians’ screaming for (FOUR MORE YEARS!!!) Do we really want Four More years of these WARS. Wars that are destroying our economy. The Only thing this Country EXPORTS is Military Weapons. Then after Arming all these Bastard Countries, The U.S. Goes to WAR with them and Our Boys are Killed by our OWN Weapons.

    You can tell why there is a huge tempest to Elect Ron Paul. For finally someone that has been saying the SAME MESSAGE for 30 Years is starting to be Heard. We are TIRED of the Killings, The DRONES. More people in the USA die from Skateboards then are killed by made up Terrorist’s. Terrorist that don’t give a damn about OUR FREEDOMS yet care that their Families are being MURDERED by U.S. DRONES.

    If you can’t do the MATH I am or NO, I don’t feel sorry for you. For Your all Asleep.
    It is a FACT that the U.S. IS comprise of 80%+ Percent of Christians. And CHRISTIANS don’t BLOW UP their Neighbors. Perhaps this is why there is so much of a Urge to De-Christianize this Country? Remove the Bible from Schools, Our Constitution, Our Right’s, Remove GOD from Public places. And in return they are making Christians turn on Muslims that only a very small handful had anything to do with 9/11 and they like the event’s in TEXAS are all LINKED to SAUDI ARABIA. Not Afghanistan, Not Iraq, Not Libya, Not Syria and the list goes on and on.

    In fact, These WARS are to turn Our Attention from the BANK’S and CONGRESS that Signed the crap that let the BANK’S Steal this Country BLIND and then they say, WE.. We the American People and Our Children’s Children will have to pay for the Faults of Our Congress which was Bought out by the U.S. Banks.

    No the Government in efforts to Silence the TRUTH, Thank Obama for his Transparency, Are now going after those that post YouTube Videos and charging them with Espionage. We have lost Our Country. But Soon, OUR PEOPLE will be in the Streets. And this Government will not back It’s Own Countries REBELS. No, MARTIAL LAW will come and many will be Murdered. But they will give an Excuse as to it was another Reason they had the Cop’s and Military fire on their OWN Citizens.


  • Did she file a police report, which is what most people do when they get death threats? Something that a journalist could go check in case something does happen to her? Or are you taking her on her word? Ask her to send you a fax/copy of a police report.

  • DC madam Jean Palfrey made the same “I will never suicide” declaration on the Alex Jones show, and said the government was trying to kill her.

    6 months later, she was found hanging in her mothers shed, declared “suicide”.

    Susan Lindauer is a hero. My advice to Susan is carry guns, make friends, and go as public as possible. She should also be a guest on Alex Jones show, and I will request it. Going public makes her safer, and less touchable.

  • Concealed carry, a girl’s best friend.

  • This is so interesting, In 2008 I had a 2 weeks business trip in south of Libya work in the dessert and I talked alot with libyans working there and I got this impression that Gadaffi although you couldn’t really criticize him publicly, that was the feeling I got. The libyans were quite happy, especially the educated ones. The got free education the libyan goverment sponsered their education abroad and so on. So when the arab spring started I was confused, was I the victim of propaganda. were the libyans so scared? But I’m glad that Susan confirms my first thought of Libya, that I’m not crazy.

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