Susan Lindauer vs. The Capitol Hill Cowards & Fraudsters

(FEDERALJACK)   There’s nothing Congress loves so much as a lie.  Former CIA Asset and 9/11 Whistle blower, Susan Lindauer believes the Senate Intelligence Committee should investigate the abuse of Assets– like herself– engaged in terrorism investigations, including the embezzlement of $13 million from the 9/11 investigation.  Discover what happened when she approached the offices of self proclaimed women’s right leaders, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Sen. Barbara Mikulski, both leading Democrats on the Intelligence Committee.  The truth scares Congress.  Susan Lindauer scares Congress because her story exposes major leadership fraud on anti-terrorism and national security.


Or you can donate to help her educate our law makers below:

Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chair of Senate Intelligence Committee


Senator Barbara Mikulski, Maryland

202-224- 4654

Senator Ron Wyden, Oregon (only residents)


Senator Mark Warner, Virginia (only residents)


Tell Senators it’s their job to provide oversight of the intelligence community.  Let them know that America’s watching.

Susan Lindauer’s Credentials as a U.S. Intelligence Asset:

* 400 Weekly Meetings with CIA Handler, Dr. Richard Fuisz, starting Sept. 1994

* 640 Weekly Meetings with Defense Intelligence Handler, Paul Hoven, starting August, 1993

* 150 to 170 Meetings with Iraq’s Ambassador and senior diplomats at the United Nations in New York, from August 1996 through March, 2003

* 150 to 170 Meetings with Libya’s Ambassador and senior diplomats at the United Nations in New York, from May 1995 through March, 2003


Bona Fides


1)  Communicated advance warning about the 9/11 attack in spring & summer, 2001, including phone calls to Attorney General John Ashcroft’s office and Office of Counter-Terrorism August 8-9, 2001

2)  As back channel to Iraq and Libya at the United Nations from 1995 to 2003, secured cooperation from both governments for the 9/11 investigation*-  Demanded and received Iraq’s consent for an FBI Task Force to operate in Baghdad as of Feb. 2001, per CIA demand after bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in Oct. 2000.  Secured new invitation in December, 2001

Arranged for a high level Mukhabarat agent to assist FBI as liaison on anti-terrorism, supremely dangerous work identifying terrorists who had entered Iraq, when, where they were staying, who they were meeting

At request of my CIA team, Special Mukhabarat agent coordinated capture of terrorist Abu Nidal in Baghdad in July, 2002— delivered March, 2002

Iraq offered financial documents and banking transactions of Al Qaeda figures after 9/11. GOP leaders refused to accept documents

Arranged Iraq’s agreement to allow FBI to interview Mr. Al Anai, the diplomat who allegedly met Mohammad Atta in Prague in May, 2001.  GOP leaders refused to conduct interview after making demand on CNN.

3)  As back channel to Iraq, spearheaded preliminary talks to resume U.N. weapons inspections with Ambassador Dr. Saeed Hasan and other senior diplomats. Talks were conducted from November, 2000 through February, 2002, culminating in trip to Baghdad in March, 2002. Personally handed weapons inspections agreement off to the U.N. Security Council.

4)  In my back channel role, won Iraq’s agreement for comprehensive peace framework that included weapons inspections, cooperation with global anti-terrorism AND ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:

Iraq promised first tier oil concessions to U.S. Oil Corporations in all new exploration and development leases.  Also promised rights to join existing leases held by other countries on a second and third tier basis.

Demanded and won Iraq’s agreement to give the LUKoil Contract held by Russia to U.S. oil companies instead

Demanded and won Iraq’s agreement to give preferential contracts, post-sanctions, to U.S. Corporations in telecommunications, health care, hospital equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Demanded and won Iraq’s agreement to buy 1 million American-manufactured automobiles every year for 10 years.  This would require imports from the U.S., not licensing of technology. That would have created thousands of high-paying Union jobs in the Rust Belt of America.

Demanded and won Iraq’s agreement to allow all U.S. corporations to return to Baghdad after sanctions, operating at the same level of market share as before the first Gulf War in 1990.

5)  Established contact with Libyan diplomats at the United Nations in May, 1995 at a time when Libya was a paranoid, pariah nation in complete isolation.  Started negotiations for the Lockerbie Trial. Active until hand over in March, 1999.

6)  Engaged in classified strategy to persuade Gaddafi to evict terrorists from the sanctuary of Libya’s borders. Accomplished by 1999.  Extremely complicated and sensitive in the current crisis.

7)  Conducted one of the very first terrorism investigations of Osama bin Laden in 1998— BEFORE the Dar es Salaam/Nairobi bombings. Purpose was to establish whether bin Laden would receive technical support from Libya and Iraq

8)  Gave advance warning about the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, based on intelligence from Baghdad.  Notified Yemen’s Deputy Ambassador at the United Nations, Mr. Al Sindi, one week before the attack and mapped out President Saleh’s cooperation.

9)  Gave advance warning about the 1993 World Trade Center attack to Tunisian diplomat, Mr. Mounir Adhoum, in Washington.

19 Responses to Susan Lindauer vs. The Capitol Hill Cowards & Fraudsters

  • Going to our leaders does not do a thing, we must keep exposing THEM, Follow The Money, keep up the Great work Brother.

  • For those who know Defense Intelligence handler, Paul Hoven, he was officially retired on disability, because of severe heart disease. However his physical condition had no impact on his formidable brain power or mental stamina. He pursued anti-terrorism devoutly, and he bleeds red, white & blue all over the flag. His ability to liaison with Defense Intelligence gave legitimacy to our activities— because as this audience knows, the CIA is strictly forbidden from operating inside the United States. Our team required Paul’s Defense Intelligence connections. And Paul’s strategic abilities were critical to all parts of our success.

  • Ms. Lindauer, I am a big fan of yours and now you know what happens when you finger American leaders of illegal activities abroad. Your statement that CIA personnel are “strictly forbidden” against performing duties within the United States must have been a misprint. It is a safe bet that CIA cocaine distributors hope for a fruitful holiday season here in Hawai’i. I watched them for a few years. The U.S. economy is in poor shape, so I am looking for the young dealers around here to get stuck with junk they can not sell, since the wholesalers are going to demand their money and several dealers with drug debts(ice and cocaine) have ended up dead around here in the past 2 years. Folks can’t afford it anymore.
    The Kennedy assassinations and the potential for danger to Ron Paul’s life, should the crooked voting machines not pan out for the fake dem/rep popularity contest, both spell omnipresent domestic CIA activity.The CIA’s loyalty is NOT to the American people, though we pay their salaries.

    Due to the continuous mewling and prancing of congress and the gutter illegitamacy of anybody even close to a democrat or republican nomination for president, the back alley dominance of CIA scum is assured.
    A friend of mine enlisted in the CIA several years ago. The first thing they taught him to do was pick locks. He could already do that. As long as the American public has its own head either stuck up its own ___ or in front of the CFRtv, the problems shall remain. There will be no revolution if Food Stamps keep coming. If the present corporation halts the program, someone else will issue different fiat food stamps.

  • All of this is interesting, and disgusting, no doubt, but many of us believe that “warnings” are not necessary when those who are warned are the conspirators themselves. Many have blamed the Zionists for these attacks and I have no doubt that they were instrumental. However, they could not, and did not, conduct those in isolation.
    Of the myriad examples of prior knowledge available to anyone willing to think, having Sparky Bush sitting undisturbed in a classroom and, much later, spirited away to a site where he has secure access to his bosses via Offut AFB and then having “Rumfilled” strolling around the grounds at the Pentagon (and a host of others), immediately after an “attack” is highly improbable. Why weren’t they concerned about other “attacks”? It’s a poser.
    Currently polls have Congress (ha!) at 9% approval. Notice that they are all still there. Ms. Lindauer certainly can attest that one can be “disappeared” at will (or worse). We are now using the phony “war on terrorism” as an excuse for consolidating the bankster’s holdings, worldwide. We have become the “muscle for the mob”.
    Much as I would like to believe that meeting with our “elected” parasites is going to influence them in any way, I can’t. It defies logic just as the examples I’ve given above regarding the “911 Movie”. This is what has happened to us. We didn’t cause this, we have simply been used, just like others have been used by psychopaths throughout history. Our only hope is to turn our collective backs to them whenever and wherever possible. The simple truth is that they don’t work for us.

  • Ms. Lindauer,
    I empathise with you, and consider you to be a true patriot and hero. And believe me, I’ve walked in your shoes. You mentioned that they threatened to chemically lobotomize you, using Haldol. Well, they didn’t just threaten to do that to me, they actually did! At least for 3 days. When that didn’t take, they ran me down @ 70mph as I was riding my bike. But I’m still here.
    I would love to share stories of what you and I have experienced. You can email me @ or by comment on I look forward to hearing from you. God bless.

  • I love when you laugh in the face of fear…you are a true warrior.

    Thank you for being so fierce and loyal to your country. I am sending an email to Julia Frifield and the others that are listed. It is the least I can do…

  • I want to send a special thanks to Popeye at Federal Jack for this great interview and outstanding support that you see in this page. Popeye has been a loyal friend, vigilant and awake— on the cutting edge of so many issues. My road has been hard— and last week proves that it’s not getting easier to protect freedom in this country. I thank Bob Tuskin for his rapid response getting me on air with guest-host, Popeye– hours after this unexpected confrontation with the Capitol Hill Police. And I especially thank Popeye for creating this special page on Federal Jack, allowing me to map out my bona fides– which you’ll notice contradict and debunk the official story about Iraq, the 9/11 investigation, and the factors that allegedly demanded a military response to the 9/11 attack itself.

    Popeye & Bob Tuskin & The Intel Hub are doing an outstanding job defending our freedoms.

  • Please consider suing Bob Blaskiewicz for libel regarding his post above. I will help you. Write me.

  • Sorry, it wasn’t a post but a TrackBack.

    A libel suit could help you get more news coverage, not to mention putting Bob and his place.

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