Sun Tzu’s advisement of noncompliance…words for the U.S. Military and Police

(Andrew Steele)   In the ancient Chinese military treatise, The Art of War, Sun Tzu states:

“There are roads which must not be followed, armies which must not be attacked, towns which must not be besieged, positions which must not be contested, commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed”.

This quote is from a section in which he speaks about tactics.  Though words written in ancient times are open to a variety of modern interpretations, the advice offered in this passage is applicable in a very specific way to our current situation in the United States.

Soldiers and police officers must not abandon their own judgement, even if it means they sometimes have to disobey the ill conceived or mad orders of their political commanders.

This week Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said there is a strong possibility that Israel will strike Iran’s nuclear installations this spring.  Such an action by Israel will most assuredly result in retaliation from Iran and provide the United States and its allies a pretext to invade a country their governments have been slavering over the chance to attack for years.  This could very well trigger an even larger conflict, drawing Russia and China further into a union against the West and setting the world ablaze in the kind of world war scenario that most people a decade ago didn’t think possible, lasting only long enough to scare the populace into accepting any form of “peace” that the self-proclaimed masters of the world offer them.  Like so many other stories in history, ordinary people will be caught in the middle and suffer while those with the money to rebuild the world they destroyed will sit atop their pile of skulls and prosper.

And over what?

The fact is, Iran is not a threat to Israel or the West.  The United States government has rejected any plans for peace with Iran, has encircled and provoked it, and has sought to conquer it ever since the Iranian people had the audacity to overthrow the pet dictator that the CIA put in place there when it toppled Iran’s democratically elected leader back in 1953.  Propaganda about bringing “democracy” to the people of Iran– so hypocritical the pundits and politicians spewing it won’t be able to help but smirk– will be offered as a thin cover of smoke to satisfy the sparse conscience of blood craving neocons, and provide a hollow explanation to the Iranian people for why their loved ones died and why their society was destroyed.  Like in Iraq and Afghanistan, freakish birth defects in newborns from the use of depleted uranium by the United States will result and be ignored by the useless media of the West, while an even more useless puppet President will wink at the few remaining people on his bandwagon and pretend that he cares about saving the planet.

Currently at home, in the shadow of the coming war, the NDAA–readied by years of martial law training and the continuous implementation of police state technology all over the country– has guaranteed the President the power to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge,  providing a black ski mask of legal cover to the government as it prepares to rape and murder the last ounce of freedom left in America.  Police with  itchy fingers on their tasers and tear gas, decked in black armor, are battering protesters (and even non-protesters)  in an escalating war on dissent.  Institutionalized bullying of the people is being demonstrated with increasing arrogance, paving the way for the day when shooting protesters is officially accepted and defended as a proper response to those practicing civil disobedience.

What do both these issues– the coming war and the police state–have in common?   They each require the willing participation of military and/or law enforcement in order to carry them out.

Even with all the technology currently at mankind’s disposal, no war can yet be executed without men to at least push the buttons, and no fascist takeover of the United States can happen if the majority of the enforcers designated to carry it out stand down or choose to stand on the side of the U.S. Constitution and thus the people.  The President and those in his chain of command don’t have authority because God or nature willed it.  Instead they have authority because people, including those who enforce it, choose to respect it.  President and General aren’t the names of a species that is somehow superior to the rest of humanity.  They’re simply titles people once made up to make certain men sound important so that others would follow their orders.  In a normal, free society such titles should be respected, provided that those who hold them operate within their constitutional limitations.  In the case of our current situation,  however, with our freedoms being stripped away and our psychopathic “leaders” barking orders at us to start WW3, the situation is much different.  Orders, such as those to attack countries that have not attacked us, or those to deny Americans their rights, are unconstitutional and unreasonable.

“There are roads which must not be followed, armies which must not be attacked, towns which must not be besieged, positions which must not be contested, commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed”.

The roads our leaders lay for our soldiers and police must not be followed, because if they are they will end with the obliteration of the country and the constitution they took an oath to protect.  The armies they want our military to attack must not be attacked because if they are they will result in a war that will destroy our nation financially, morally, and potentially jeopardize the security of our borders. There is no reason to besiege any towns (overseas or here in the United States), or contest the positions of nations that have done nothing to our people.  As well, the positions of U.S. citizens as free people can never be contested.    In short, the orders of our “sovereigns” must not be obeyed.

At first some will claim that it’s unreasonable to ask soldiers and police to disobey their unreasonable orders because of the penalties they’re threatened with, as if the criminals claiming to be in charge actually stand on the side of the law.  Because the situation involves uniforms, expensive weapons, and teleprompter reading chickenhawks, we lose sight of the fact that people are expected to reject improper orders when they receive them.  In fact, whenever we hear of instances in which they didn’t we’re always bewildered and ask why they didn’t.  Nazi Germany is the most classic case of this, but to push the situation down to another level, let’s look at a few less famous examples from recent, (and a little less recent) history.

One story that could serve as an allegory for what’s happening now to our nation is that of a teenage McDonalds employee who was humiliated in a restaurant office while following the insane orders of her manager, who herself was taking orders from a stranger on the phone pretending to be a police officer.  (Along with the video below, a portion of an ABC news show’s further coverage of this story is available HERE).  In this case the girl would represent the American people, the manager our government’s enforcers, and the creepy voice on the phone is the criminals who have seized control of our country.

Another classic example highlighting compliance with unreasonable orders is outlined here in the famous “Milgrim Experiment”.

A person’s soul is worth more than any honors bestowed on them by mad men, and to stand on the right side of history is to not stand with those using the might and wealth of our nation to conquer the world and erase the liberties of our people.  Sun Tzu’s The Art of War speaks a lot about dividing and conquering the enemy, and that’s exactly what the controllers who have hijacked our government are doing to the American people now.  The fact that they include the military and police in this strategy shows that they not only think of the civilian population of the United States as their enemy, but their enforcers too, and will ultimately turn on their enforcers once they no longer have any use for them.

To members of the military and police officers–free people are not your enemy.  People of other nations who have done nothing to us are not your enemy.  While the position you’ve been put in– caught between a handful of tyrannical government controllers and those trying to reign in their power to save the nation–  is unfair and not one most of us would want to find ourselves in, out of such struggles comes an opportunity for greatness.  The precedent that would be set by a massive display of noncompliance to the war/police state would ripple for years afterwards in the period of American history that our children and grandchildren will someday occupy, making all of you heroes to future generations and striking fear in the hearts of would-be tyrants who might seek to emulate the actions of our current “leaders”.  The people of the United States and the world will stand with you if you stand with them. For the military and police to disobey the war/police state would not be a sign of weakness in America, but one of the strongest and greatest things that could ever be done.  It would tell the world that the people of the United States mean it when they speak of freedom, and make the United States the nation it claims to be, thriving in a future weall have to live in.

Stand with the people, not against them.

Disobey illegal orders.


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