APPLEZEBRA11: The Jared Lee Loughner Investigation

(FEDERALJACK)   On these two editions of DTRH Popeye welcomes investigative journalist Stephanie Sledge to the broadcast. They go over the shooting of Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords and all of the weirdness surrounding it. Stephanie has put together a report over 400 pages long on the whole incident available at her website. Since there is so much information this had to be a two part broadcast.


The Jared Lee Loughner Investigation – PT 1 of 2

The Jared Lee Loughner Investigation – PT 2 of 2



PT 1:

PT 2:


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  • On the first of November, I boarded a bus with a driver who in 2010, ran a route to Pima Community College West campus where Loughner attended classes. I updated him (I talk to drivers about what I do) with the information that he was forced to plead guilty the previous month. He said that he thought that Jarred was a completely normal person. There was nothing peculiar at all. I replied by saying that I know. I asked what he thought of the first mug shot. "didn’t look like him at all". I repeated.. "I know". I also know that James Holmes was normal too.. until the two were intercepted and drugged, they had clear natural minds and didn’t fit the profile, at all, of a killer. I know this because I had both analyzed by a world renowned character analyst, Naomi Tickle. I do these investigations with care, precaution, and complete unbiased techniques. Steph and I became friends when just after I published my book "Sacrifice of a Congresswoman" currently under a rewrite after Steph puts publishes her book AZ11 out.

    Note: I had to retract it to protect a witness on Roll’s media blacked out case at the time.

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