Small Business Owner Stripped of US POW/MIA Flags

(OCCUPY POLICE)   This has got to be one of the saddest things I’ve seen lately. Chucktown Tavern owners Hope and Marty Young have been told plainly that they can no longer fly both the American and POW/MIA flags in front of their business.

Last October, around the time Occupy was laying it’s roots and celebrating unity and marching against abusive control by the worlds greedy 1%, Chucktown tavern owners Hope and Marty Young were having a mini celebration of their own. In honor of local veterans, Hope and Marty Young were raising both the US and POW/MIA flags in front of the small Tavern they run on Market St in Charleston South Carolina. says, about 10 people showed for the low-key flag-raising,  among the attendees was Vietnam vet Allen James, a member of the Lowcountry Chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America, which supplied the replacement flags. “It’s just something that I’ve always had a heart for,” said James, 62, of West Ashley. He served in the Army in Vietnam from 1970 to 1972 and is friends with the Youngs. He said the tavern was an ideal area with a lot of foot traffic, and that tourists and locals could see a banner that doesn’t get a lot of visibility or promotion. “I just thought that, the (POW/MIA) flag needed to be flown in downtown Charleston,” he said.

Chucktown Tavern owners came under attack by another local business for what property management company Beach Co. says are considered to be improper signs, mismatched deck furniture and noise issues, and further stated  that Chucktown Tavern had 20 days to make corrections or face what was termed, landlord “remedies.” Beach Management, a division of the Beach Co., further stated that the flags were not “authorized” and that the green banners that had been on Market Street flag poles need to go back.

To Occupy Police, it sounds as if Beach Co. thinks The American and POW/MIA flags (and all they represent) are “ugly” and not uniform with the rest of the street “decor” – Beach Co. did offer up this statement “We in no way intend to disrespect the country we love, veterans or those military personnel taken as prisoners of war or listed as missing in action,”  Yes Beach Co, of course you meant no disrespect, unless the flying of these 2 prized flags  somehow effects your bottom line. Maybe we should fly a nazi flag, or whatever better suits Beach Co. CEO John Darby’s 1% taste …and wallet.  John Darby says “the original green flags are what the Board of Architectural Review permit was granted on. The more “festive” green banners are designed to fit the retail shopping on Market Street”, he further states that “he doesn’t see the patriotic flags going back up”  …but…  Planning Director Tim Keane said Wednesday that “both banners are legal under the city code because they aren’t commercial in nature.” He called them “just fine.”

Marty Young said he and flag supporters plan to send a letter to the Beach Co., asking it to reconsider. His suggested solution is to put the two flags back up, along with a city of Charleston flag and a state of South Carolina flag, so that it all becomes one single locally relevant display. Occupy Police would like to help Chucktown Tavern get these flags back up. We’re planning a day of action (protest) against Beach Co. and are asking for any and all Occupy, or Veteran groups in the Charleston area to help us put this together. Contact us by e-mail at  so we can coordinate and put you in touch with an OcPo contact in the area – The day of action will take place at Beach Company Headquarters, 211 King St Charleston, SC on Saturday April 28th  at noon. We will be protesting on behalf of the owners right to fly these 2 flags – We will not allow the 1% to strip us of our wealth and our flags – Please spread this information far and wide –

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