Ski-Mask Wearing Thug Assists Police At Checkpoint In Houston County

(PRISON PLANET)   Secret police with their faces covered by black ski-masks are the hallmark of any modern day dictatorship, which is why the sudden appearance of one such individual helping police conduct traffic checkpoints in Houston County by roughing up victims and planting drugs on them is an damning indictment of America’s slide into an authoritarian police state.

According to a report by Rickey Stokes of the Houston Newspaper Online, Houston County Sheriff Vice Deputy Phillip Small is being assisted in conducting traffic stops by a ski-mask wearing man wearing a bullet proof vest with the words “State Police” written on it. The mask covers the whole of the man’s face apart from his eyes. The man has also been seen carrying a large gun strapped to his back. Photos taken by Stokes confirm that the individual is helping police conduct arrests and warrantless searches of vehicles.

When Stokes took photographs of the man during a traffic checkpoint at Piggly Wiggly on Montgomery Highway last week, he immediately ran over to Stokes’ vehicle, parked at some distance away from the traffic stop, and started threatening the reporter with arrest if he didn’t delete the pictures. Having committed no crime, Stokes simply drove away.

In a subsequent conversation with Attorney Doug Valeska about the incident, Valeska confirmed that Stokes was not committing any offense. He was a member of the media and was not obstructing the traffic stop in any way.

In another incident described by a black man called Rickey, whom Stokes subsequently interviewed, Small and his ski-mask wearing assistant pulled over Rickey with no probable cause and proceeded to order him to exit his car with guns drawn.

Rickey was then assaulted by the black-ski mask clad man, who put his foot in Rickey’s back as he was being apprehended. When Sheriff Small temporarily left the scene, the anonymous individual attempted to plant drugs in the passenger side of the vehicle, claims Rickey, who was subsequently accused of possession.

Rickey was not arrested for possession of drugs, he was arrested for “eluding” the Sheriff and his assistant, suggesting that the attempt to frame Rickey was mothballed after he confronted the black ski-mask clad thug about planting evidence.

In another incident which took place on Friday night last week, the black ski-mask individual was witnessed involved in a chase of another vehicle. “The chase came down 231 North and onto Horace Shepard Road. On the scene, the masked NINJA Officer was there. Running around with a bullet proof vest, a gun and on the back of the vest “ State Police”, wearing his mask,” writes Stokes.

“We have learned the masked NINJA is a agent of the Alabama Beverage Control Board (ABC),” reports Stokes. “He is working undercover and does not want anyone to know who he is. That excuse is not acceptable.”

Having spoken to numerous law enforcement officers, both active and retired, all clearly told Stokes that having secret police conduct checkpoints in America was completely unconstitutional. Stokes says that he has received a number of complaints about the ski-masked man from numerous different people.

Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes later confirmed that the practice of having anonymous black ski-mask clad individuals involved in traffic stops was completely unacceptable, and that the involvement of whoever the person in the photographs is would be halted immediately.

Watch the interview with Rickey below.

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