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  • There are some people who still think that ZIONISM is a dirty name…Well, I dismiss their BS…Zionism got its bad name from the Muslim world…You know, the same Muslims who blew up Christian churches in Eqypt and through Africa and Asia…You know, the same Muslims who think that "Honor Killing" is a family responsibity…You know, the same Muslims who set and used Road-side bombs to kill our soldiers…You know, the same Muslims, (Black September),led by Yaser Arafat in Munich in 1972 to murder the Jewish Olympic team…

    Yeah, the wonderful peaceful Muslims…(And yes, many will say that most Muslims are not violent but the Koran teaches to be peaceful when in the minority…then show your true selves and eliminate those who won’t convert, once you’re in the majority)…Now, how’s that for a little TRUTH!!!…

  • Sorry sparky but you don’t know what your talking about. You keep buying into the bullshit the government feeds you. Zionists don’t like Christians, Arabs and even some Jews. Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists. Defending Zionism is like defending the neoconservatives that started all these bullshit wars based on lies. Joe Biden has admitted he is a Zionist, it is a political ideology. It has nothing to do with being a Jew. I suggest you do some research. There are thousands and thousands of Jews who are against Zionism. Look up rabbis against Zionism for starters. I also suggest you start with a book by Alan Hart called ZIONISM: THE REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS.

  • And I suggest you take a look a the big picture…I don’t give a damn about Zionists…I care that Israel survives, period…And the leaders of Iran want to see Israel gone from the earth…

    And don’t think for one minute that Iran, Saudi-Arabia or Egypt gives one shit about the plight of the Palestinian people…That’s their excuse to kill Israel…

  • @Sparky – The propaganda you are spewing is exactly that of a zionist.

    1) I suggest you watch the entire interviews with Ahmaed D from Iran and listen to the words said before he threatens Israel. He says "IF ISRAEL ATTACKS IRAN WE WILL WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP".

    2) What the fuck has Iran, Egypt or Saudi Arabia got to do with Israel’s Occupation of Palestine.

    3) Whats Israels excuse for killing Palestine?

    You sound idiotic.

  • @ Sparkys Conscience and Popeye:

    Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia don’t even give Palestinians citizenship in their own country. I met several Palestinians who were born (yah–born) in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, but are denied Saudi or Egyptian citizenship because one of their parents (usually the father) was and is palestinian! They are treated as refugees with no citizenship status. What fucking type of religion (Muslim) will deny their own kind, citizenship? I thought Muslim is Muslim is Muslim. Sparky is right. The only reason why Palestinians exist is to blame Israel and use them as a propaganda tool to defame,destroy and annihilate Israel! Otherwise these fucking arabs don’t even give a shit about their Palestinian brethren. If so, then why don’t they welcome their own arab (palestinian) brethren into their own country and give them citizenship status? And another thing…What’s this fucking talk about all these palestinians being slaughtered and killed like sheep in Israel. All, Iv’e been hearing is a bunch of palestinian terrorists slaughtering and murdering israeli civilians, –including children. Sparky’s conscience and Popeye–YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT!!!

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