Senior citizen with a heart condition arrested and abused at Bohemian Grove protest

(MARK DICE)   Police started marching forward, pushing everyone out of their way, and 75 year old Doug Millar grabbed a cop’s baton to gain his balance, and was then assaulted by the officer, nearly breaking the senior citizen’s arm. I spoke with Doug earlier, and he seemed like a nice man.

2 Responses to Senior citizen with a heart condition arrested and abused at Bohemian Grove protest

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  • CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL,these guys were fagots when I was a kid in california,just a bunch of BLOOD thristy killers and I can see nothing has changed in all these years,still beating up people who are to old or crippled to fight back,what a bunch of sorry fagots,they truely are still the lowest form of scum in the state of california,ITS amazing how some forms of animal life never evolves over the years to be come some thing with any value,STILL the lowest form of life in the state of fagots and fruits,the CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL never changeing………………..

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