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(FEDERALJACK)   As we all know by now the founder of the Love Police, Charlie Veitch, has come out and publicly stated on his youtube channel that he does not believe 9/11 was an inside job and he is now pushing the official government conspiracy theory about that awful day.  Charlie’s massive change of mind and actions since have really pissed off his base of listeners.  Most of the comments on his video are telling him off, calling him out, calling him names and some have even gone to the extent of threatening his life, which I don’t condone and that kind of crap makes us look bad.  Aside from the stupid death threats I believe the anger is justified because people really believed in him.  This should serve as a lesson to people in the future, do not put anyone up on a pedestal, follow nobody.  You can listen to people, and agree with what they say or don’t say, but don’t just blindly follow anyone because they say the right things.  Do your own homework, in fact don’t even believe me, think to yourself “he must be exaggerating, I gotta check this out for myself”.

The one question that has bugged me is this: Was he a plant all along or did he just sell out?  I have to honestly say I don’t know for sure which one is the answer, but if I had to make an educated guess I would say he was a plant.  To better understand why I say this and why he would have been planted in the 9/11 Truth Movement I suggest you read former Harvard Professor and now Obama Czar Cass Sunstein’s paper on “Conspiracy Theories” and the 9/11 Truth movement in particular titled “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures” proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and “independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites, as well as other activist groups that have “anti-government conspiracy theories” and his primary target is the 9/11 Truth Movement. It is also important to note that in 2010 a British “Domestic Extremism Expert” Jamie Bartlett of a think-tank called DEMOS  wrote a very similar paper called “The Power of Unreason”, which attempts to link ‘conspiracy theories’ to extremism, arguing that such ‘theories’ are a ‘force magnifier’ for terrorism. The paper recommends that, “Government agents or their allies should openly infiltrate the Internet sites or spaces to plant doubts about conspiracy theories and by introducing alternative information.”  Veitch’s comment that he saw no evidence for controlled demolition is refuted by the fact that only weeks ago he and his girlfriend setup a speaking event for Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth at Cambridge University. And his entire argument supporting the official government conspiracy theory of 9/11 is a joke at best.  His “new” evidence is the same garbage that NIST has been presenting for years, he can not factually, with scientific evidence, back up the crap that he is now spewing at all.  If Charlie did truly just have a change of mind then why do interviews and Skype calls labeling the 9/11 Truth Movement a cult? To create division, doubt, and make the movement as whole look foolish to outsiders that’s why.  The idea is to make the movement look foolish to people who are just waking up or haven’t done so yet, and it serves to be a catalyst for infighting inside the movement itself, if we let it…  but we won’t.  People who considered themselves friends with Veitch need to put their personal feelings aside and figure out for themselves that they and the movement have been had.  The sooner they admit it, the sooner we can deal with it and get over it like a bad relationship.

This is going to be used against us by the establishment no matter what, it is how we deal with it that is what is important.  As Charlie says in his Skype call with Max Igan, he is working with the BBC on a piece on 9/11. This TV piece is actually going to be a total hit piece about 9/11 Truth and I have interviewed Jim Fetzer about this as well as Alex Jones being interviewed by the BBC and saying on his radio show that it is going to be a hit piece. So I have been doing allot of thinking about how to handle this.  After consulting with some high profile members of this vast  movement I decided to write this piece to share our idea for combating the problem that is Charlie Veitch’s backstabbing.  The idea actually came from monitoring the people’s reaction to Charlie’s video and interviews, over 1500 videos pulled from the internet in a single day.  These were videos people had uploaded of Charlie, or their own Love Police street actions.  Let’s follow suit.  Delete any videos you have of Veitch, any articles, tagged photos, anything.  Make the memory of Charlie Veitch go the way of the dinosaur….. extinct.  If everyone can scrub all records of Veitch and the “Love Police” from the web the only thing people will hear are his own cries to be heard.  As Samuel Adams said  “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”

23 Responses to Scrub The Internet of Charlie Veitch

  • “If Charlie did truly just have a change of mind then why do interviews and Skype calls labeling the 9/11 Truth Movement a cult? To create division, doubt, and make the movement as whole look foolish to outsiders that’s why.” – I honestly believe it’s probably something much worse than what this statement portrays. Nobody with a conscience could do a complete 180 like that, but then he takes it a step further even by calling 9/11 truthers “cultists”? He’s not only lost credibility, he has become threatening with his behavior now. I am concerned for those who gave him their trust. Watch your backs people! This could potentially get ugly if he was indeed a mole. You may want to make some significant changes in your lives if you trusted this man. He is sinister. No doubt about it.

  • Obviously his handlers have pictures of him fucking on goat, explains all his behavior.

  • I loudly applaud your impeccable analysis, sir. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the ring of truth that your words embody. Much respect, Popeye. What made me the angriest in this whole sorted affair was when Veitch, right-off-the-bat with Igan, started bashing the people who had supported him, his colleagues, etc. You absolutely nailed the motivation behind this, imo. If there were truly death threats, I am highly doubtful that they came from anyone of any substance in the 9-11 truth movement. That was the first thing he tried to hit on in his Igan interview, to destroy the credibility of our movement to make us question our colleagues, but it also took the heat off him because immediately some very credible voices, at least one, anyway, came out and made a big deal about NOT being “negaitve” towards “Charlie”. That made me angry, I won’t lie, because I was damn well going to tell “Charlie” how I felt. He and I had light communications, most recently after I uploaded his Press TV Royal Wedding round table. He wrote to thank me for uploading it. I replied warmly that I appreciated his true commitment and litterally placing his body in harms way. Long before that, during his “everything is ok” series, I first wrote him and he wrote back. I later donated money to him. Twice. I was guilty to some small extent at putting him up on a pedestal. I actually unsubbed from him about 6+ months ago because of what I thought was new-age/luciferean symbolism coming through his videos. But truth be told, I wasn’t sure. When he made a couple public appearances on Press TV and RT I decided to upload them because I liked the messages, although I did not re-sub him, not even after he sent his thanks and I replied warmly. I never even considered it I can honestly say. That’s because I take that luciferean symbolism seriously. In the back of my mind I couldn’t square that up with Veitch. I don’t buy his recant story for a single second. And he is an extremely poor spokesperson for the “official” story, he comes off as amateurish and frankly ignorant, if Igan’s videos are any measure. AJ would destroy him, among others. I believed then and I believe now that NOT telling him how we honestly feel is letting him off the hook, and I think he played the victim card for a multitude of reasons, all of which makes one think that…well, maybe he’s not stupid or “ignorant”? Maybe he’s just having us on and as usual relying on the research ideas of others coupled with his rapier charms? That’s been his M/O from Day One. I immediately deleted 3 uploaded videos that featured Veitch, and love that great PRO-ACTIVE solution about deleting him from youtube, deleting him from virtual “existence”. I heard during another radio show, two guys rapping about the incident and about those wierd music break-ins during Veitch’s NYC “times” square recant; one guy claimed that he was editing out his own statements about a NEW SHOW that he was scheduled to do. It makes sense, a lot more than those out-of-the-blue cut-ins. Then there’s his use of the subliminal in that video, which deserves to become popular knowledge, because it’s something he edited into it. It’s diabolical and it demonstrates who he really is, imo, and his arrogance. I believe there’s a better than 50/50 chance Veitch is a “planted agent” of some kind, and it would not surprise me to learn if he had bloodlines that were extremely telling. His only way out now is to go completely mainstream and seek nothing but mainstream appeal, and that may be where this alleged new show comes in. We shall see. Thanks a heckuva a lot, Popeye.

  • ~I disagree with Charlie on 9/11, love to debate him, but I am NOT “insecure” what others may think, because we have a “Judas in our midst” BS

    The “truther movement” becomes more & more a “truther herd” not detecting GENUINE PEOPLE anymore, focusing only on their own agenda of “truth”, it seems like that there is slowly a new form of “truther” thought-policing tyranny claiming to fight NWO Tyranny!

    Having genuine form of empathy is NOT a sign of weakness.

    Some lost that!


    Charlie Veitch – Max Igan Review by Derek Gee – 3 July 2011

    911Matrix Charlie Veitch Reverse Psychology eXplained by CTAgenda [HD] Decoding BBC Propaganda!

  • Slew – You should add me on Facebook. <3 Popeye, great article man. I'm so glad you're speaking out about this. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Charlie. just because thousands of engineers & architects haven’t “signed on” doesn’t mean they disagree. i would suspect most of them have simply not woken up ? 99% of the world is mind controlled by the media, sports & religion …
    i’m blown by your change of mind, please tell me more , i’d love to know this was just a terrible hoax ..

  • Veitch’s change of “heart” is not the same as just having a difference of opinion with someone, or the same as joe-shmoe from coca-mo changing his mind, not when this apparent “Judas”, who holds a dynamic position within the wider “truth” movement, has come out and shit on everyone who ever supported him by taking the lowest of all roads possible, using NEGATIVE innuendo and NASTY insinuations, referring to “truthers”, generally, as “dangerous cultists”, as part of a “dogmatic church of conspiracy”, and oh yeah, guilty of peppering him with “death threats” because we’re mad-as-hatters, of course. But according to exomatrix, the truth movement’s “voice of reason”, who has pasted this same message all over the Internet, we’re supposed to let him run what amounts to a psyop on us, essentially pin us under a bus and just sing “kumbaya” and hope that the loving frequency in our voices creates transcendent healing. What utter bollox, if you’ll pardon me. Forget the condescending tone of it, I mean, of course, I’m just going along with the herd to roust this reprobate-naysayer, it’s not possible that I, or others with similar points of view, have well thought-out opinions or that I, or others, strongly believe that there is a duty to be true to one’s own analysis, true to one’s experience. No, of course not, we’re sheeples incapable of handling dissonance or anger. I believe there are times when it’s natural to be mad-as-hell and, in my case, to vent that anger using the written word and if this isn’t one of those times, I guess I’ll never get it right. Either way, I’m not apologizing for one iota of it. There’s only one person I can think of in this sorted mess who should be crafting apologies, and Bing-o is his name-o.

  • what the hell is wrong with you? you have a 4 minute youtube vid and a skype interview. and based on this everyone comes to the conclusion that hes a plant or a sell out worthy of being wiped off the net?! that to me sounds a lot like the reactionary and cultish behavior veitch was talking about. you might as well be burning books imo. so he changed his mind on 9/11? so what? there are more issues that need dealing with than just 9/11. plenty of things that we can still all agree on and work together on in hacking the matrix. but no. you are all to self richous to allow a dissenting voice into your ranks. shame on you.

  • Whoa! I’m new to this particular game; Never heard of Veitch, imagine that! But reading the last post here by tyll, grabbed my attention. The Truth of the 9-11 blasts is a genuine game-changer, which means those who benefitted will fight to the death with every dirty trick possible. Think— what would it take to “change your mind?” Nobody should buy it. The mind was closed long ago, indicating a plant of the kind Slew describes. Did Judas Iscariot have a change of mind? This issue is so bloody vital to the success of Zionism we can expect all kinds of smoke. Don’t give an iota of ground to those what done it. Call them out.

  • Ive never really cared for what CV had to say caus in an interview with Freeman ,he was in a lil *staged* (my thoughts) delirium about his godess and other crazy stuff…but the idea of LOVE was right…love police was scripted…I think Charles is now rich, but he is not a smart man but a usable and vulnerable one and i truly think that all should send him love ..caus he is on a wronggggg path,and when you are given the opportunity to talk with Max Igan,who respects ALL and you spread cancerous words like he did…I mean,i feel so sad for him,but i dont hate him,i would not trade place with that human being …But i will say this,when you see that kind of calculated deception,its hard to remain on the right frequency …but i will … I love you all xxx

  • What a sad shame. Folks are so upset, and rightly so. The critics of that are saying it’s no big deal, that he simply disagrees; but they understand not how significant this is. It’s the baptist betraying Christ; it’s Robin abandoning Batman; it’s Lavern double-crossing Shirley; it’s Watson spying on Holmes; it’s all of us losing one of our own. (Sad face). Hope this makes us all stronger in wanting to trust and be trustworthy. Without trust, we’re sunk. As Alex always says, “Trust in God, but tie up your camel.” I will pray for Charlie, and if I can summon the will, I will pray for his handlers, too.

  • Here’s the deal, i have a youtube channel, user/Karmathejedi1701
    i have a video up about me & some friends doing some Love Police Action in Philadelphia.
    It was one of the first things i ever made about me getting my @$$ off the couch & becoming an activist, & you want me to take it down? NO! i’m proud of that video, & i had Charlie on my podcast the DAY BEFORE he put this out, where i arranged for him to speak to Derrick Jensen, someone i’ve respected for years before i ever heard of CV or the love police. i refuse to take them down, because of what they mean to me. i have however made a 2 part video where some fellow truthers & i discuss the event the night of the release of his notorious turning. Veitch is a sell out, but that takes NOTHING away from the work i have done, or that work my friends have done. We’re all building towards something, & 1 turn coat is not going to stop me. However i have UnSubscribed.
    Besides, the person that made this did it yesterday, i doubt they’ll want to take it down, it’s called Cypher Veitch

  • Umm, so you urge eveyone to take down love police video’s they’d put up. So we’ll do the establishment’s work for them shall we? I’m more upset by the reaction of so many people to what Charlie has said, than what he’s actually said.

    I just feel so bad for Chalrie, I’ve admired his work for a long time and know he has shown more courage than I could by going out with his megaphone. I know his about turn hasn’t affected my own personal beliefs, but I can’t cast aspersions on his character either. Everyone has the capacity to be an arsehole in the eyes of others. Do we have to kick them when they are? Cos we gona change a whole lot of stuff kicking people who we don’t agree with.

    Best thing is to move on and keep waking people up, with or without Charlie.


  • Correction to your article – I (‘Charlie Veitch’s girlfriend’) solely organised the Richard Gage talk. Charlie had no part in it except making a video a few days beforehand to help me promote it. He did not attend the talk as he was out of the country.

    Another correction – your paradigm of: “Was he a plant all along or did he just sell out?” is invalid. You cannot sell out if there is no money involved. Neither is he a ‘plant’ as you extravagantly suggest. If you want to criticise him, do it on the basis of the truth – he changed his mind.

    As someone supporting 9/11 Truth, I hope you focus on the important issues and maintain your dignity.

  • Let me add a reply to Ms. Carlo. We are told, that CV should be critisized on the basis of the “truth” which according to SC is that, simply, “he changed his mind”. If only that was the simple matter at-hand.

    Fact:CV went on a full-scale attack, with M. Igan, an attack where he claimed to get death threats. First of all, let me be the first to say: SHOW THEM! You can’t make a charge like that and leave it at that. I want to see proof. The reason I’m suspicious of this claim is because I sensed a strong attempt by CV to play the “woe is me” game. He followed that eye-popping charge with a self-serving (“me victim”) rant where he made several seemingly small-minded ad hominem attacks against all individuals who feel a connection to the wider 9-11 truth network, at-large. Instead of repeating them here, which would be prejudicial, let’s just say that they were offensive, at least to my way of thinking. Quoite honestly, that’s what set me off. Viewed objectively, his rant was highly divisive within the truth network, one need only investigate the fall-out to see the in-fighting, and his attack raised all sorts of, admittedly, uncomfortable questions about his motivation for throwing so many good, honest people, both under and into the oncoming bus (which might be considered “public opinion”).

    I don’t think I would have gotten so angry if CV had simply “changed his mind”, because it simply proves he has never had a clear grasp on the events of 9-11, in spite of his apparent support. I care that he went out of his way to belittle and besmirch a lot of dedicated, hardworking, LOVING, researchers who recognize the devastating effects of Sept. 11, 2001 and who can ill afford the ridiculous negative stereotyping that have emerged from Veitch’s words (when testifying to Igan), words that will echo, now, and well into the future, sadly.

    If Charlie Veitch simply came forward and conveyed regret about letting his responses to Igan get out of hand, he might be able to repair some of the damage, because my response to that interview was not unique among his former supporters, among “truthers”, etc. Have I conveyed his interview with M. Igan inaccurately? I don’t think so.

    Thanks for hearing my rebuttal.

  • I’m sorry about the poorly-written, poorly expressed reply above. I wrote it on very little sleep (so little time). I should have added another element, in any case, to the list of “problems” I (and many others) have in regards to CV’s “change of heart”.

    That, of course, is the set of circumstances surrounding his unexpected announcement – the now infamous British Broadcasting Corporation “all expenses paid” 9-11 “redux” junket (charade/hoax/set-up/etc.). This fueled the initial suspician and/or rage, without question. When combined with the M. Igan interview, which CV (in his most recent upload) now claims was a “private conversation” that was recorded without his knowledge, it’s an extremely specious claim to say that this was the case of someone who has been “victimized” for simply “changing his mind”. That’s not a credible argument, not even if we give allowance for the fact that it originates from a very close “associate” of CV, who obviously has an interest in protecting him.

    This issue is not going away, nor should it, imo. There’s too much at stake, and those stakes outweigh the attempt to brush this under-the-rug. 9-11 truth is a gateway understanding that has the power to change [once-thought] “immutable” and entrenched “fairy-tale” perceptions about the nature of reality in this world.

    That is the simple truth.

  • To silkie carlo. AWW sticking up for boyfriend. The ditzy foolish Charlie that doesnt know whether hes coming or going. He is dangerous and is trying to make the genuwine truth movement look like criminals, hence, branding it names such as ‘cultish’ We all know for well 9/11 was an inside job. We have all awaken to the evil system and dont need shills like you and your stupid boyfriend that spends time cheating on you with other girls around the world to involve your self in matters that do not concern you. Oh and why dont you fall back into the system cambridge that you speak against you snotty little whiney daddy girl bitch. I cannot stand you. As much as i dislike Charlie and believe he has evil intentions, putting up with you and your annoying whiney voice is something else. Activist like you and charlie that have been brought up with a silver spoon in their mouth. Hey, How about spending your donation money that you eagerly beg from people to book a flight to africa and trying living conditions there. Otherwise, Piss of and crawl back under the rock you came form. Stupid bitch.

  • That’s supposed to be Patrick Henry actually. They were all freemasonic frauds anyway. Otherwise good stuff. Charlie Veitch is a piece of garbage that people were suckered into thinking was some kind of tortured saint. Same spiel about destroying the evil bloodsucking bastards in power pushed to the top of the internet charts by the people he works for. Thanks for the Cass Sunstein link. Hadn’t heard of that.

  • On second thought I repudiate everything that I have ever said, here and elsewhere. Once I was a fraud, and now I’m only a liar. So send me death threats, I’m stickin’ by it.

  • We trusted him – i and my kids donated money for them , money we scraped together as my sons loved his videos. After reading about him im shocked he is a pervert glad my kids didnt get to meet him. I do feel sorry for the guys in the love police they should speak out and apoligise for Charlies fraud. He has done a lot of damage to truth movement etc how can we ever beleive anyone again.

  • While I agree with what you’re saying… I think that it’s good for people to see the juxtaposition of old/new Charlie. If everybody gets rid of their old videos would it actually lessen the full extent & bizarreness of his “switch”?

  • That’s so sad. Most of the so called truthers are idiots who cling to every word somebody with a youtube channel says. Then if they change their mind, the geeks try to bully them and shut them up. Just shows what idiots they are who only like one version of the story which is usually stupid conspiracy theories.

  • slewofDUMB-ASS-KISS!

    Another EXTREMELY boring, self righteous, EGOTISTICAL response on par with the rest of his internet DRIBBLE!!!

    Oh my, the ego on this person. I am amazed that he isn’t in the Guinness Book for the largest head on Earth!

    As long as you agree with him, he’s your best friend. Write anything negative (Youtube comments disabled???) and he throws a tantrum, starts sucking his thumb and coware’s in the corner like a little school girl. I loathe this person with every inch of my being!

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