Satanists and followers of Lucifer prepare for April 19th

(ATS)   APRIL 19th is important to many. Let’s begin at looking at the month of April and the dates that are important to Satanist, and those that follow Lucifer and the so called Illuminate or so called NWO Global elite.

To Satanist, Easter Week-end is set aside for a Black Mass/Black Sabbath. To mock the death of Jesus Christ, a man is sacrificed on Good Friday. On Easter Sunday, known to Satanists as unholy Sunday, a woman or man is sacrificed followed by three days of fasting and chanting.

April 19 – 25 Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice.

April 25 – The Da Muer ritual: Grand climax. Sex rituals and sacrifice of a woman or young girl.

April 30 – Walpurgis night/Beltane: One of the most important nights on the satanic calendar. Blood rituals and human sacrifice take place.

To better understand what is going on, let us take a closer look at April 19th and what this date signifies to many different groups.

April 19 – May 1 is a very important time period to Satanist, Lucifer Followers and the Illuminate. Blood Sacrifice To The Beast Moloch begins a most critical 13-day period. Fire sacrifice is required on April 19th, especially children and women or just plain innocent victims that many just consider collateral damage.

April 19 is the first day of the 13-day Satanic ritual day relating to fire, the fire god, Baal, or Moloch/Nimrod (the Sun God), also known as the Roman god, Saturn (Satan-Devil). This day is a major human sacrifice day, demanding a (Fire sacrifice) with an emphasis on children. This day is one of the most important human sacrifice days of the year to Satanist and others, and as such, has had some very important historic events occur on this day throughout history.

Remember, the Illuminati considers war to be a most acceptable way to sacrifice, for it kills both children and adults indiscriminately. Killing indiscriminately is an accepted manner for killing those that are unsuspectingly killed for some ritualistic blood sacrifice.

Some of the very important historic dates that were staged according to this blood sacrifice day are:

(1). April 19, 1775 — Battle of Lexington & Concord, which made the Masonic-led Revolutionary War inevitable but which led to independence for the colonies.…

(2) April 19, 1861 – Baltimore Riot. Considered first blood shed of civil war. A clash between pro-South civilians and Union troops in Maryland’s largest city resulted in what is commonly accepted to be the first bloodshed of the Civil War.…

(3). April 19, 1943 — After trapping the last Jewish Resistance Fighters in a storm drain in Warsaw, and holding them for several days, Nazi Storm Troopers began to pour fire into each end of the storm drain, using flame-throwers. The Nazi Storm Troopers continued pouring the fire into the drain until all resisters were dead. Blood sacrifice brought about by a fiery conflagration was rumored to have been ordered by those in Nazi High Command or even Hitler himself who demanded blood on April 19, 1943.…

(4) April 19, 1993 — 50 years later, secret Delta Force soldiers, combat armed government troops from a multitude of agencies led by the FBI, Army tanks, and other military equipment stormed the compound of David Koresh and his followers at Waco, Texas. Certainly, this operation fulfilled the basic requirements for a human sacrifice and blood ritual: trauma, fire, and young sacrificial victims murdered on the suspected inside orders of Janet Reno and Bill Clinton for dark and sinister reasons important only to their evil groups agenda.……

(5) April 19, 1995 — Oklahoma City bombing — Once again, many women and young children were sacrificially killed this day and it was carried out to stigmatize American militia groups with Christian values. The media used this incident to demand new laws and a focus towards Militia groups.…

With current national events unfolding before our eyes and with the FBI beginning arrests in Michigan for Militia members, I would expect that this April 19th, 2010 that we will see once again a blood sacrifice. Mark in on your calendar and remember to check the date.

Something is coming, and I can feel it building. While I would hope that nothing happens, I just don’t think this is one April 19th date that will be missed by those that use such dates for sinister and evil purposes. Satanist are real and they do not hide their larger crimes that occur on key dates because to promote what they have done, gives them a form of power that only Satanist or even those that worship the Dark Lord Lucifer can begin to understand.

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread.

13 Responses to Satanists and followers of Lucifer prepare for April 19th

  • YOu forgot WACO

  • Soory ner mind..

  • Satanism seems to be a tool of the elite NWO/globalists to provide (pathological) morale, structure, & goals to some of their diabolical minions!

  • The real origin of Easter is actually the worship of the Sun God “Estar”. This is a holiday of pagan origin and therefore true Christians do not celebrate Easter. It is represented by the fertility god. This is why you see eggs and rabbits, which by the way had absolutely nothing to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The only celebration instituted by Jesus was the memorial of his death on “Nissan 14” which this year fell on April 17th of this year. Some of you may have gotten an invitation to attend this remarkable yearly event. This is what opened the door for mankind to be reconciled to God. The unfortunate victims of Satans followers will be resurrected and have already been atoned for through Christs’ blood. The Bible says there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrightous. Unfortunately, if you do not make up your mind before Amaggeddon, it will be too late. Only the people who have already died will have a second chance.

  • well put ava its all demonic…..i celebrate resurrection of Jesus but i quit celebrating all of the pagin holidays in 1998 and my children also do not celebrate those pagin holidays. Not to mention the catholic church changing sabbath from saturaday to sunday……the day of rest for our families falls every sat. its been refreshing since we made that change…..thanks for the article shawn

  • I think then it would be wise to watch and see what happens on these dates so we can keep the evil-doers in check.

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