Russia, Saudi Arabia, Terrorists, and The 2014 Olympic Games

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(FEDERALJACK)   A few months ago, during the last insane push for an invasion into Syria, Saudi Arabia threatened Russia with terrorist attacks if they didn’t stop supporting Syria and blocking any attempt of an invasion. We all know that Russia didn’t back down, and so far no military invasion, yet. Flash forward to this week, suddenly Russia has had two terror attacks in as many days, leading up to the Olympics. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Follow the money, I bet it leads to the Saudis, and by proxy the CIA.

2 Responses to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Terrorists, and The 2014 Olympic Games

  • Regardless of your Muslim or political views, it’s sad that civilians have to die instead of Russian politians…,like Putin and the Polit-Bureau…. And, lest we forget, the Saudis have some dirt under their fingernails as well…

  • It was vengeance, against Putin, for standing up, and keeping Israel at bay… It has nothing to do with Putin and the Pollitt-bureau otherwise… We do not need to go to war with Syria, especially over another CIA backed false flag attack… we need to put a heavy thumb on the CIA, and quit funding the terrorists with American dollars… very simply, our own government created the terrorists boogey men, to scare us into submission, and allow the shredding of our constitution, in the name of security, which has had zero effect, on stopping terrorism, because we continue to fund and train them….
    Putin has done more for the American People, this past year, than Washington DC has done this whole century… we need to push both Israel and DC off into the ocean…

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