Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story

(RICK SIMPSON)   The Secret cure for MANY ailments the government doesn’t want you to know about.


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  • My experience is much less dramatic, but to me it is very significant. I successfully used marijuana as a treatment for major depression for over 12 years after trying several SSRI’s prescribed to me with very negative results. My employer of 18 years joined the Tennessee Drug Free Workplace program last year. This gives her a 5% discount on Workman’s Comp insurance. Several months ago I was drug screened and of course tested positive for canibis metabolites. I went through the prescribed charade and I am now back at work after loosing 6 weeks of work. Even at that point while I was below the Federal guidelines of 50 ng/ml, the Tennessee Drug Free Workplace allows an employer to fire anyone for any detectable level. This shows me that the program has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with control. Especially since a positive test for alcohol blood content of less than .08% is considered passing.(the level of presumption for DUI in TN) My employer is aware of two things. I have never came to work under the infouence, and I was using for medical reason even though it is not allowed under Tennessee state law. The only reason she allowed me to return to work is because of my 18 years of a good work record, and she was desperate for someone who was able to do my job.

    While I fully expected positive results from quitting, I discovered just the opposite. After two months I have greatly increased arthritis pain, cronic headaches, cronic insomnia, a much worse smokers cough (yes I should quit cigarettes)and major depression. I have been prescribed drugs by a phsyician, and have found the metazipine to be worse than the SSRI’s and the arthritis medication is so toxic he could only prescribe it for two weeks.

    I am actively seeking employment that will allow me to return to a successful, non life threatening treatment for the depression and arthritis. In this dismal job market, at my advanced age, and with the vast majority of employers subscribing to the fascist program, I fear the probability of winning the lottery is my better hope for survival.

    BTW, I did the math. Over the twelve years I used marijuana rather than Paxil, Big Pharma lost approximately $25,000.00 on just me, on just one drug. Multiply that by the tens of millions on antidepressants and other drugs that would be better treated with canibis, and you have a motive for mass murder.

  • good video–where do we get an update of Rick’s story from 2008 til now 2012??

  • why does this link come with a trojan ect????

  • It’s a disgrace when following "the law" is more important than saving lives. When laws prevent people from being cured of cancer or other illnesses, maybe the laws should be changed!

  • If you have the means to move I suggest you consider Colorado or Washington state where marijuana is legal.

  • I moved to Oregon because medicinal hemp is legal. If you ingest Hemp Oil to cure your disease, they will arrest and imprison you. Oregon hemp laws are a racket designed by the Pharmaceutical companies to enrich doctors, who you should be avoiding and the police, prison mafias.

  • Marijuana will only be legalized when the government and big pharma slap a patent on it, price it really high and tax the *hit out of it.

    Cannabis works, it’s a weed for God sake that any moron can grow.

    This is a free country —- BS —-

    But not enough people care to do anything to change the government and yes folks it’s time for some real changes.

  • Just how can they get ordinary people, citizens, put a patch on their shoulder commonly known as "Police" to arrest their fellow citizens for growing something that creation put here and send them to jail away from their families, jobs and friends…for what?…Why don’t they go after the plants that harm humanity like poison Ivy or poison oak and a slew of other irritating and\or life threatening foliage…I’d like to see you outlaw those…Cancer research is the biggest research business on this planet. Were all terrified of it and those demonic disciples of Hades would rather see little children die horrendously than threaten their goose that lays the golden egg. They are the Midas god worshipers…666…and we collectively do nothing.

  • My Mom was diagnosed of Stage IV Lung cancer which we have been treating for the past 6 years with Chemo, radiation and surgery.She has just been cured with the Hemp oil gotten from Rick Simpson, Rick Simpson cannabis oil is the greatest cure to cancer. I think we should join hands to fight against this Hippocrates called government with their unfavorable policy, we have a medication that is hundred percent assured to cure all forms of cancerous disease and you would not need to spend so much money on, instead the Government and the Pharmacy want us to spend money on chemo, radiation or surgeries that wouldn’t work shit.Rick Simpson Hemp oil just saved my Mom’s life and I recommend it to all cancer patients within the states and Europe.
    Support the Simpsoncannabisoilcarecenter and save lives with Hemp oil of Rick Simpson.
    Joy is the order of the day as my Mom is now back on her feet, so stop cancer, before it steal the joy of your family away from you and go get the Rick Simpson medication and set your love ones free fro the deadly cancerous disease that hold no respect to humans harmony.

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