Rudy Giuliani Thinks Building 7 Is A Joke: Rudolph Giuliani Confronted on Building 7

(THE INTEL HUB)   Bob Tuskin, host of  The Bob Tuskin Radio Show, was able to confront possible 9/11 co-conspirator Rudolph Giuliani at a recent speech Giuliani gave at the Phillips Center for Performing Arts that Giuliani was paid $65,000 to attend.

Bob tuskin asked aloud;

“Hey Rudy I got a quick question, what happened with building 7?”

The local press outlets such as the Alligator (where the story made the front page) reported on the interruption as most attendees clapped with glee saying;

“We came to see something”, a sheepish response.

Giuliani responded;

“You are to rude to be entitled to an answer… may I suggest a hair cut and a shower”. 

Tuskin also eluded to the cover-up of the possibly radioactive and/or damming debris evidence from the ground zero (WTC) site and how it was shipped off shores hours after the event on that dreadful day.

This is not Tuskin’s first confrontation, one can refer to the time he confronted comedians Penn & Teller.

Controversial talk radio show host Bob Tuskin can be found at &

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