RTR & The Mad As Hell Money Bomb

(FEDERALJACK)   Restore The Republic was first created by legendary filmmaker and patriot Aaron Russo.  His hope was to awaken the slumbering American giant to stand up and defend itself, with knowledge, against the New World Order and perhaps  stop their evil plans for the entire planet.  Before he died in August of 2007 Aaron handed the reigns over to Gary Franchi.  Since then Franchi has produced three feature films, created RTR.org, minted Silver, Gold & Copper coins with Ron Paul and Aaron Russo on them, helped create Republic magazine, done multiple speaking engagements and produces a weekly half hour news program called the Reality Report.  The amazing thing is Gary does all of this without any real funding from anyone.  He does try to keep as much of it as free as possible to the masses but to be realistic, it costs money for supplies and to pay his crew.  On March 12th 2011 RTR is having a Money Bomb to try and raise money to cover operating costs for the next year.  It really is a dire situation because if we don’t help them out, like they have been helping us, we might lose RTR.  Even if you can only donate $5.00 please go to RTR.org or madashellmoneybomb.com on March 12th and donate.  Your help will make a difference.

Below is the official press release from Gary about the event:

On March 12 we’re taking action on a host of issues with experts on the Federal Reserve, Nullification, RFID, the economy, the freedom movement, 10th Amendment, Oathkeepers, Constitutional Abuses, Agenda 21, Operation Defuse, Music with a message, Power of the Sheriff, Chemtrails, Heath Freedom, Vaccines, Trilateral Commission, CFR, 9/11, Oklahoma City, CAFR, Fusion Centers, FEMA Camps, Black Box Voting, Trilateral Commission and more!  This one day blitz of information will saturate the web as the reports go viral from our broadcast facility.  This event is crucial to the survival of our movement. Donations accepted during the webethon will support our efforts for the whole year!  They will enable us to keep our social network open and free, pay our rent, utilities and keep our staff paid, so we can keep producing independent news and documentary films to wake up and activate the masses.


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