RIP – Joyce Rosenwald at 69 – Legal Researcher

(TOAIP)   Joyce Rosenwald, an extraordinary legal researcher, passed away at 3am July 26th in her home in California. She was 69 years of age. Joyce was hardy in spirit and a vigilant freedom fighter. She will be missed.

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(From one of our fellow prisoners)… Joyce was on the James Madison Talkshoe call July 19th the night before her final stroke — she and Patrick Devine met for the first time and she said, “Where have you been all my life ? ! ?” — the call lasted 5 hours and 41 minutes…I listened that night – not knowing it would be the last time she would talk to us…she showed up an hour or two into the call— apparently she was a regular on James’ calls, which I didn’t know about. They had a great meeting of the minds but of course, she interrupted him a lot since she knows so much that her information just pours out… there was so much information and discovery going on…

the following was posted:

 From James Madison:

 Every now and then you meet someone that touches you so that you immediately become friends.

 I’m the sort of guy that tends to see thru the talk and can sense the heart. If someone is complaining about things, as we freedom lovers tend to do, I feel the pain in the heart through the words.

 At times the words sound angry. The pain in the heart is great then. I feel the pain in the hearts of those who love this nation.

 Her pain was greater than anyone I know, as was her love for America. In our last conversation she was so excited. “I figured it out” she said. “I know what all they did and I have the remedy”. Then she asked, “Do you think they will listen? Do you think they will use it and fix this nation before we lose it?”

 For more than forty years she researched the Law, the record, the cases. Often she would call and say, “Mr. Madison, you’re not going to believe what I just found. I can’t believe what these bastards have done to us.” And then she would send me another ton of documents.

 You know, some day I WILL read them all. Every single word. Maybe then I will know the remedy too.

 She had been ill for quite some time. She knew she wouldn’t be around much longer. She was determined to get to the bottom of everything before she left.

 She was headstrong. She was determined to wake the people up, to get them to DO something about what was going on. When she was on the show you couldn’t get a word in edgewise. A few on the last show complained and told me I should shut her up. Maybe they’ll be happy now, but I doubt it.

 On 20 July she had another stroke. Her last one. She’s happy about that. At 6:15 the morning of 26 July she went to be with our Creator. Peace at last eh Joyce? You knew it would take this to find it. You always said you didn’t want to be around to see the country go down.

 Now will you please come and help me put this law suit together? You know I need your help, as always.

 I’m going to miss you Joyce Rosenwald. I love you Dear. Thank you so much for all you have given us.

 Mr. Madison

 The 5 hour 41 minute audio link to the James Madison Talkshoe call referenced above…


One of Joyce’s most famous treatises:

Parens Patriae….Government as Parent

Another famous article…

 To Whom Your Children Belong ?

And, another from 1997…


And, another, not sure when this was written…


Joyce’s website: It says “Under Construction,” but the top menu bar has some articles available…some written by Joyce, some not…

A short audio dose of Joyce … 1:47

 A full dose of Joyce is available here…

Guests: Peter Niece & Joyce Rosenwald,
 Wednesday, MARCH 23rd 2011
…in the 2nd Hour, 49 mins 8 sec

 RIP, Joyce !

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